Be ready to be annoyed and possibly even gag. Because it's my husband and I's six month wedding anniversary, and I am feelin' a little lovey dovey today. Maybe it's silly to celebrate six months when I know most couples only celebrate yearly anniversaries, but being freshly married makes this girl a little silly.

I've been head over heels for this man almost since the moment I met him, and the last six months of my life have been an even greater awakening of that. He gives me more reasons to love him every single day, and more reasons to respect him & adore him.

The last six months have been filled with waking up to hot coffee sitting on my nightstand and a husband entering the bedroom with a tray of waffles; rolling around under a fortress of blankets and staring into each others eyes and wondering if this feeling of love could possibly be any stronger; long walks in the evening and conversations about our future together, walking hand in hand. Not to mention this blog, and how every new follower, every new comment and every e-mail is a reason for Matt to scoop me up in his arms and rejoice and tell me how proud of me he is. Surprise gifts, day dates, hunting trips, and a million laughs, hugs and kisses. I am one blessed little lady.

We spent such a large portion of our relationship being 1400 miles away from each other. To be able to have him and hold him at all times still makes me feel like I'm in a dream, and it's been over a year and a half since we were long distance.  I love that I'm the girl he kisses goodbye in the morning. I love that I'm the girl who gets to cook (and by cook I mean microwave) his meals, the girl that gets to be his cheerleader, and the girl who gets his heart.

Our "first look", and Matt hugging me while he cried. <3
You swept me off my feet this day six months ago, and you continue to do it every single day. You are my rock, my teammate, and my best friend. Team Hoyle for life. <3


  1. Happy 6th months to y'all! I think it's awesome that your celebrating the time you've been married! Hope you have a great day!



  2. i might just be emotional because it's thursday, but i got super teary reading this post. dago wouldn't want me saying this here, but i love him so much and can't wait to spend my life with him. i really can't imagine anything else. the love you and matt share is so incredible and you both seem to make each other stronger just by loving each other. is there anything more beautiful?

    ugh, i sound like a sap machine. you look fuggin' GORGEOUS in your gown. are those photos on the blog somewhere? i work for a wedding photog because my favorite thing to do is stalk other people's weddings. (sorry not sorry!)

    you're wonderful and i'm so happy to see you so happy.

    xo nicole

    1. omg and happy six months! i'm all about milestones and monthiversaries.

  3. Seriously adorable. You two look so happy together! Your wedding photos are gorgeous...thank you for sharing!! I'm such a sucker for wedding photos...

  4. What a sweet post! Cherish every moment girl! Of course you should celebrate your six month anniversary! You are a lucky girl and he sure is a lucky guy:)! You looked stunning in your wedding pics!

  5. Aww, so sweet - these pictures are absolutely beautiful! Enjoy your anniversary :)


  6. ok, i may or may not have teared up a little reading this. i'm a closet sucker for love stories.

    happy 6 months, you guys! to many, many, many, many, many more!


  7. Aw, that is so sweet girl! Congrats on finding such a great guy.


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  8. These photos are so beautiful! Congrats on your 6 months :)

  9. Congrats on your 6 month wedding anniversary! These photos are beautiful and I enjoy reading about your relationship! Seriously adorable :)

  10. LOVE! Happy 6mo anniversary, doll! Sounds like you really found a keeper - we're pretty blessed, huh?

    See Mo Go.

  11. So sweet and not gag worthy at all. Simply wonderful. There's so much naysaying and people speaking of breakups. I'd much rather read of someone's pure love for another person. Congrats to the two of you and may your love only get deeper and sweeter.


  12. No it's not silly to celebrate your six month anniversary...my husband and I did! Thanks so much for sharing the wedding photos...you look so beautiful!

  13. Yeah! I love this and am so glad you two have each other :) you look gorgeous in your wedding photos too, of course :)

  14. Aww this brings back so many memories! So glad I had the opportunity to photograph your wedding!

  15. Aww this brings back so many memories! So glad I had the opportunity to photograph your wedding!

  16. This is just so darling. Love reading about your love!! How special :-)

    XO Jenna

  17. Congrats to you guys- here's to many more anniversaries! You two are adorable! You looks FREAKING GORGEOUS in those wedding photos too...daaaang!

  18. Congrats! You guys are precious! You are truly blessed to have someone like that by your side, and he is also blessed to have someone like you on his side =) God bless you both!


    P.S. The pictures in the field of flowers is gorgeous! So are your wedding photos.

  19. I didn't realize you were a newlywed! Congrats! 6 months is just as special as 5 mos. or 7 mos. I'm all for celebrating love 365 days a year :)

  20. Happy lovebird day!!! Love the love! xoxo

  21. Just found your blog. Omg it's so beautiful to see people who love themselves as soo much as you <3 Happy 6th months!!! <3

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  22. This is soooooo sweet! GAH!!! I think everyday married is a perfect day to celebrate! Love the photo's and each of your wedding pics :) I'm so happy you shared those with us! You look stunning and two of you are just so beautiful in love.

  23. Happy 6 month anniversary!!! Your wedding pictures are so sweet!

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  24. How sweet! Honeymoon phases are the best!! (I'm going on year two with my husband and we're still there!)

    p.s. lovely wedding!

  25. Wow, you guys are so adorable together! You are so beautiful, and you can see how much you love each other by the way you look at each other in these pictures. So sweet. Not gonna lie, I'm a little jealous. :) The wedding pics are amazing, you looked unbelievable! And it looks like it was a gorgeous wedding. Congrats on 6 months!