Fresh Start.

So if you weren't able to tell (by the lack of posts going up on a weekly basis this month), March was not a good month for me on this blog. 16 entries in 31 days means I basically only posted for half the month. Which is fine, right? But I really aim to post 4-5 days a week, which I definitely did not do this past month. And I've hardly been able to keep up with my favorite blogs. March was just an unbelievably busy and difficult month for me on a number of levels and kind of threw me from my normal schedule. Including today, which was supposed to be the day I linked up with Jenna from Demure in Diamonds and Emily from A Devine Life for the Once Upon A Date Night link up. Totally forgot about it, and totally didn't really go on any dates worth mentioning this month, so here I am, without anything to link up with. Ten points from Gryffindor.

Maybe it has something to do with my dashed hopes of thinking maybe spring would be upon us this month. A girl can only take so much of winter, right? And 35 degrees daily is not what I'd consider "spring weather". And to all of you mothers and college students and full-time workers who manage to also keep up with their blog, I tip my hat to you. Give this girl a little extra work to do and suddenly I can't put on [cute] clothes anymore or come up with anything to talk about except my clothes.

But fear not! April is here, and I'm leaving March in the dust and entering April with new goals, a new mindset, and a new motivation to give this blog the energy I hoped to always give it. I've got a lot going on this month with my job, but I've got a lot of ideas that I think will be fun to execute on the blog. One thing I'm going to try to focus on a lot more this month is fitness & healthy eating, because I've recently re-evaluated my fitness goals (and by that I mean stopped eating Reese's eggs by the bag) and plan to possibly post a few recipes (and by recipe I mean basically a picture of a few simple things thrown together that I like to call a "cooked meal", but am really showing it more for the fact that it's healthy). So yeah! Stick around, hey?

PS: I'm thinking about doing a post soon about how I edit my photos. I actually do a decent amount of editing with regard to color and lighting and minor touch-ups, but it makes a lovely difference in the photos so that all the details are clear and the colors are correct. For example, the picture below was actually very dark and my face was kind of red from the poor lighting, but with some easy corrections, looks natural! Let me know if you think it'd be something you're interested in seeing!


  1. this month was hard. i've been so good about having scheduled posts starting the previous week and this month i found myself writing them an hour before they were scheduled to go out. i definitely agree that the weather has something to do with it. we've been having random 85* days and then it goes back to 40* and i just can't bring myself to go outside to take photos for even a minute.

    speaking of photos, i would LOVE to see some tutorials from you. you take a lot of your photos inside and the lighting is still fab, which is unreal, so i can't wait to see how amazing more of your outdoor photos look and what you do to get them that way (other than being stunning).

    i sent you an email already, but congrats again on being on the eshakti homepage! i legit yelped at work and everyone was like wtf. you're sososo beautiful.

    let's rock it out in april, bb.

    xo nicole

  2. It's ok, I still enjoyed all of your posts this month.
    I would love to see how you edit your photos! I edit mine for bad lightening, but not much else, and would love to know how you edit yours. Your pictures always look great!



  3. I love love love this! Thanks for sharing! I just came across your blog and I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog and (if you like) following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! xx


  4. I would definitely be interested in seeing how you edit photos!

    Btw, I am grabbing your button to put on my blog =)


  5. Please, please do a photo editing post!! Also would love to know what kind of camera you use, I'm in the market for a new one and your photos are so crisp and clear.

  6. Um, that last photo of you is so gorgeous...so, yes - teach me your ways! :)


  7. Oh, count me in, I'm interested! Although I applaud you and admire you for your healthy living goal, I still want to see you dress up! PS: It's crazy how much weather affects us. When it gets to be 90-100+ here, I have no motivation to dress up, let alone put on clothes. Here's to hoping for a mild summer!

  8. OH please teach me how you edit your photos- yours are ALWAYS amazing! After the candy gorge fest this weekend and stepping on the scale this AM, I was not happy. April=month of changes fo sho!

  9. You are Gorgeous and your photos make you look even more so, so yes I am interested. It's OK about not being too active on your blog. We all have those days, weeks, months. For me this year so far has been SUPER BUSY with the coming of My Sweet Little Girl.

    Anyway, on my Sunday Feature this week I showcased one of your looks, too. So check that out, below:


    Also, I hope this other post puts a Smile on your Face. Here's hoping you had a Good Easter. =)


    Have a Great New Week, Ada. =)

  10. I'd love to read the post about editing your photos! I always do it on my own, but tips are so helpful!

  11. Lynette!

    Every blogger gets busy. I mean, hey, who sits behind their comp 24/7? Lol. I hear you on wanting Spring. And good dates are sometimes hard to do/plan, etc :) Happy April 1st!

    XO Jenna

  12. These things happen. I have had horrible months in the past. In fact, my blog was growing and growing then one month I barely posted and my numbers almost decreased by half! It was sad, but I had things in my real life to get done, so no worries! A fresh start in April sounds good :) I am super excited to hear more about your fitness routine/healthy eating recipes and WOULD LOVE a tutorial on how you edit your photos. I enjoy doing edits with lighting/contrast, but your photos are always so perfect.

    I mean, you are drop dead gorgeous, which is probably the main reason they are so perfect, but for reals. Teach me your ways!

  13. I know I missed you but IT TOTALLY HAPPENS!! I forget too! Hope you are doing better now that it is 4/1. I can't wait to see some recipes or photo editing! Love reading your blog because you are so open and funny, as well as stylish and sincere. Just know that all of us love reading your blog, anything new coming to it is a bonus!

    XO Chelsea

  14. I totally agree about March... It was soo busy and crazy!
    As you said April is a new month.
    Great photos!
    x Kirsty

  15. we missed you in blogland but living your real life instead of blog life should always be #1. we'll be here when you're ready :)

    and yes, please show us your ways.

  16. Absolutely show how you edit pics please!!

  17. Yes yes yes, I want to know how you edit your photos!!!

  18. What a great skirt and editing tips would be wonderful!

  19. Would love to read that post! It's freezing here too (you're not alone) and my motivation has been lagging too. Let's keep eachother moving forward with our blogs! Haha...girl needs to get focused!

  20. Lynette, I think thats a great idea. Would be interesting what other blogger use refereing on a photoprogramm and to learn maybe some new tricks? You have such a pretty face, that's what I think all the time when I get an email reminder that you postet sth.