Black & Blue

Top: TJ Maxx Skirt: Charlotte Russe Heels: Target Jacket: TJ Maxx

Sorry for my mini blog absence for the last couple of weeks! I'm still trying to pull myself back into the swing of regular blogging. I know it's a matter of making the time for it, which shouldn't be as hard as it's been because I love doing this. But bear with me! :)

One of the many perks (or something) of blogging is being able to see photographs of your clothes on your body. I think it's a bit more realistic than the mirror. Maybe? One thing the mirror did NOT tell me about this outfit that these photographs are telling me loudly & clearly is that this skirt does not fit as well as it used to. I blame all the squats in the gym, making my butt and quads fill out this skirt. Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking with it. You guys would tell me if I was getting fat, right? ;) 

I kid, I kid. <3