Casual Friday

Due to the negativity in my last post, I promise to be happy today! Thanks for letting me complain, though. What's the point of blogging if you can't occasionally whine without a ton of internet friends to justify you? Right? 

So today, there are two looks:

Denim jacket: Forever 21, $30
White blazer: H&M, $30
Top: Marshalls, $15
Skirt: Old Navy,$20
Shoes: Fergalicious via Famous Footwear, $10

Basically the same, but the first one (with the denim jacket) is what I wanted to wear to work, and the second look (white blazer) is what I ended up wearing to work. Why? Because, unlike the title of this post suggests, I did not wear this to work on a Casual Friday. I wore it on a You-Better-Not-Wear-Jeans-Tuesday. And I couldn't decide if a denim jacket was too casual for Casual Friday. I say I should be allowed to wear it. Don't you? I am, after all, probably the only person in the office ridiculous enough to wear heels to work every day. That merits some sort of reward, I would think.

Happy Friday, from me and my manly-musclar calves. 


  1. Lovely - both versions! I love your skirt so much! I saw it at Old Navy today but wasn't sure if I had enough guts to wear a striped skirt, ha! (So I got a striped dress instead...)

    PS. Your calves? Awesome.

    1. I thought I was so brave when I bought the skirt six months ago, but I literally wear it probably once a week! It's basically just as versatile as a black skirt, but way more interesting!

  2. I love both looks too! The first one is a more daytime casual look and it easily transitions into a more chic businessy outfit! Those beige wedges are so cute! A denim jacket and wedges...both are spring/summer staples:)

  3. SO CUTE! I love the sorbet lime color and it's so perfect for casual Friday with that jean jacket!

    Pearls & Paws

  4. I adore that just the change of a jacket gives the outfit a different vibe. Lime is beautiful on you.

  5. Gorgeous looks! Love the blazer look- isn't it crazy how the jacket can totally change the look?! And did you get those shoes on clearance or something?! $10...wow! I may need to stop by FF after work lol!

    1. Yes, I got them in the clearance section of FF. They had several cute wedges and sandals for that cheap! How can anyone say no to $10 shoes?!

  6. i love that denim jacket on you so much. maybe i'm taking after your husband, but i just love you in blue.

    my calves are feeling so inadequate and it's not even 9 AM.

    xo nicole

  7. I think the outfits look great and you should definitely have worn it to the office! Heels everyday? I give you a lot of credit...I could never do it!
    Happy weekend sweet friend :)

  8. I like both looks, I think you can totally wear a denim jacket on a casual Friday or any other day, it keeps you semi warm right? Those wedges are super cute, and its Ridiculous you found them for only $10!!! Have a great weekend!

    XO Chelsea

  9. I love both looks! I think you can totally get away with a denim jacket on casual Friday

  10. Banging calves woman!! Work it!! And for the record, I'm totally voting for the denim jacket. It's the perfect finish to the neon and stripes. Love it!!

  11. that jean jacket is killer with that skirt! also, my calves are tres jealous of your calves. just sayin' ;)

    happy friday!


  12. I need to pull out my jean jacket from the back of my closet now!! So many great outfit posts!! I looooove it!!!

  13. love these outfits, Lynette! The denim version is definitely my favorite, but I love that just changing the jacket can completely change the whole look. I need a denim jacket like RIGHT NOW.

    -Jenna Brianne

  14. I can't get over how nice the lighting is in your apartment hallway. Your skin looks glowing! OR MAYBE IT'S JUST YOUR HUSBAND'S AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS.

    I really like the outfit with the denim jacket, because the untucked flowly blouse is more casual, which fits with the casual vibe from the denim. The white blazer is more structured so I think it would have looked good with the yellow top tucked in. BUT TOO LATE BECAUSE YOU ALREADY WORE IT, that's okay. It looked good either way :)

  15. I think you mean "sexy i worked hard for these calves"


  16. Your hair is so cute straight.
    Love the stripes, as always. :)

  17. I wear a denium jacket to work all the time. I say you could of. But Love the white balzer too!
    x Kirsty

  18. oops denim! typo :p