Once Upon A Date Night Link Up: My husband chooses my outfits!

I'm linking up today with Jenna @ Demure in Diamonds and Emily @ A Devine Life for Once Upon A Date Night! Today, I am posting two date night outfits... that my husband chose! I don't have to tell you that men don't always have the best fashion sense (sorry, husband), and that their preferences in our clothing is often super different than ours. Below are two outfits that my husband, Matt, chose completely on his own based on what he likes to see me in (don't worry, I'm not naked ;)

Outfit #1:

Top: Gap, $8
Jeans: Kohls, $30
Purse: Coach, gift from Matt
Shoes: Love Culture, $10
Earrings: F21
Necklace: Windsor, $9

Why he chose the outfit: 
Matt has pretty much four favorite elements to an outfit I could wear: 
He wants to see stripes
he wants to see some blue
he wants it to be simple, 
and he wants it to be form-fitting
He really does love most of the outfits I post here, but if my outfit is any of those three afore mentioned things, he's drooling. I bought this shirt while shopping during our honeymoon because he just LOVED IT, but I've only worn it a few times since. I guess I just don't like it with plain jeans and the stripes are so thick, a lot of accessories don't look right with this. It also looks weird tucked into skirts, to me, so I just don't wear it much.

But Matt loves this outfit. He likes it because it meets all four of his favorite things about my clothes. He says my body looks good in this outfit, and he likes the wedges because they make me taller (and since there is a 14 inch height difference between us, HEELS MATTER) . Also, he bought that purse for the first birthday of mine we were ever able to celebrate together (we were in a long distance relationship for a while!), so he's always proud and happy to see me wear it!

When asked where he sees me wearing this, he said "Maybe a date walking along the beach," (in heels?! Boys!) "Or maybe a lunch date and some shopping" (that's better). When it's all said and done, I actually really like this outfit! I try not to ever wear a tight top and a tight bottom, I just feel a little too "exposed", but this covers almost all of me, so that makes me feel better!

Outfit #2:

Blazer: H&M, $35
Top: Banana Republic, $18
Skirt: Charlotte Russe, $16
Heels: F21, $20
Purse: Kenneth Cole, gift from Matt
Necklace: Charlotte Russe, old

Why he chose the outfit:
Why else? Blue & simplicity, two of his favorite things! He loves the blue paired with the bright top, and my white blazer is one of his favorite pieces as well. I definitely feel like I'm about to go into the office when I'm wearing a button-up, pencil skirt and blazer, but the bright jewel tones make it a little more outside-of-work-friendly, I suppose. Ha, I kept asking Matt, "This is what you want to see me on a date night?", and he kept nodding and smiling. Boys. I'm not sure I'll ever understand them. Even mine. Like I said, I love the colors of this outfit, but  just can't imagine wearing it on a date! Matt said he could see me wearing this out for dinner with him. Eh. Maybe. I mean, now that I know it's what he wants to see! :)

Also, that black Kenneth Cole purse is another gift from Matt. The first time I visited Matt in Texas while he was living there and I was still in Michigan, I saw this purse at Ross and was drooling. But as a college student who'd just shelled out a bunch of money to visit her boyfriend 1400 miles away, I didn't have the money to splurge on a new purse. I sadly left the purse behind, but a week after I got back home to Michigan, a package arrived in the mail. Matt had gone back to the store after I left and bought the purse to me and mailed it to me. Swoon! This is why I married him. Purses, I mean. Purses is why I married him.

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By the way, I have to say this post was definitely inspired by my friend Chelsea's blog She Said He Said. Go check her out, because she posts her boyfriend's opinions of her gorgeous outfits every day, and it's hilarious!


  1. Wonderful outfits!!!!


  2. So funny what your husband picked! I might have to do the same and see what the end result is. I love your link up with these girls, what a great idea! I just grabbed your button too. :)

  3. This is so cute! I asked my boyfriend once what he would pick for me to wear... he refused because he "didn't want to upset me" LOL. I love both of these outfits, he did a great job! The first is casual and great for a date (just not walking on the beach unless if you take the wedges off ;) ) also, I am surprised that he picked the second one, not because I don't love it, but usually my guy goes running the other direction if I pair two bold colors together ;) Very pretty though!

    Anyway, gorgeous as always! I really love your jeans in the first photos... do you know what brand they are from Kohls?

  4. i love this post! dago and i have toyed with the idea of buying outfits for each other at the mall and then leaving them at each others' apts and going on a date in what we chose, but i like the idea of shopping our own closets. dago really likes clothes, shoes, and fashion (i know, i'm so lucky!). maybe we'll do this saturday! so fun.
    xo writeslikeagirlblog.com

  5. He does have a good sense! And blue looks really nice on you. I really like the blue striped shirt with the jeans!

  6. You are sooo tiny! I sometimes let my bf pick my outfits- it's fun to see what he chooses. What a great idea for a post, I need to copy this sometime :) I love the jewel tones in the second outfit!

  7. this just made me smile from ear to ear! i totally get the same reasoning and responses out of my husband! simple / form fitting... yes! OMG. MEN! makes it easy on us!!! my husband would have me in fitted blue jeans & a white t-shirt every day of the year if i let him dress me! and i love your sense of humor: "don't worry, I'm not naked." EPIC.

  8. Hi love, Thank you SOOO much for the link back!! I love this new series you have going!!! He did a great job, I love the outfit with the skirt, very cute and sexy all in one! I am excited to link up!

    XO Chelsea

  9. Okay having your husband pick out your outfits was the cutest thing ever. I have no idea what my husband likes to see me wear, because I've never actually asked him! Maybe I'll try that one day, but knowing him he'll probably pick things that are ugly on purpose to mess with me.

    So funny how guys think so differently though, and I love that he bought you the purse and sent it to you. He's definitely a keeper!

  10. Love them both, but the second outfit is sooo cute!

    XO, Kelsey

  11. Your husband seems to have a great fashion sense! I especially like the first outfit.

  12. Cute outfits! Your man has some good taste!
    Thanks for hosting this link up, too! I'm a new follower and I look forward to more of your posts!
    XO, Rachel
    With Love, Rachel

  13. You are so incredibly hilarious! Your husband is a pretty awesome stylist, too. Thanks so much! :)

  14. Cute outfit! I especially like the second one.

    If you're interested, I just posted a recipe for an at-home date night. Snow ice cream! :) Here's the link: http://www.projectpaperie.blogspot.com/2013/03/food-art-friday-snow-ice-cream.html

  15. Lynette!! I love the first outfit, what wonderful little details. The flower earrings are lovely. I'm so glad you linked up :-) woohoo!

    XO Jenna

  16. hey there. i'm your newest follower. found you thru a blog hop or one of my other followers i'm sure. i'm not quite sure. cute outfits. everyone always looks cute in their outfits but i doubt i could pull it off. hope you'll follow me back. http://laneyg02.blogspot.com

  17. That's awesome! I love the idea of having your husband choose outfits for you! He did a great job! :)

  18. WOW!
    Your hubby has some style! I love the first outfit for a date night because you can wear it for so many different kinds of dates!