Waiting for sunshine.

Denim Jacket: Forever 21, $30
Dress: Wal-mart, $15
Belt: Love Culture
Bracelet: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Windsor, $9
Shoes: Target, $15

Okay, so I have a couple of confessions to make.

For starters, I've not actually worn this outfit yet. Unless waking up every morning and putting it on and twirling around in it counts as wearing it. I just feel like a weirdo stepping outside in a bright, sunny maxi dress and my new denim jacket when we still have snow everywhere. I can't do that kind of injustice to this outfit. But we're having some warm weather next week (a balmy 45 degrees, guys!), so hopefully I will be able to wear this dress in public.

Secondly, I got this dress at Wal-Mart. Weird? Maybe. I got it toward the end of summer last year, after I'd spent all summer in fear of buying a maxi dress. I'd wanted one for about two years but many of my friends were vehemently opposed against them. I finally bucked up the courage last August when I saw this sunshiney little dress hanging on a clearance rack at Wal-mart. I'm pretty glad I did. It's not my favorite print in the world, but it makes me glad I bought this denim jacket, so...

Speaking of this jacket. I've also been afraid of owning a denim jacket for forever. I remember seeing a girl wear one in 2010 with a printed dress and thought she was a genius. But every time I saw a denim jacket in stores, my creative genius silenced it's voice and when I thought about what to pair a denim jacket with, all that I could come up with was, "More... denim?". Wrong. Maxi dress from Wal-mart!

But I still need a little help with this denim jacket thing. How do you wear yours?


  1. I really like how this maxi looks with the denim jacket! You should definitely be wearing it somewhere fun!

  2. Love this look! I think a tunic and leggings would go great with the jacket.

  3. Oohhmygoodness sometimes I feel like I need my own board on Pinterest for denim jacket looks! I have been searching for one for so long and finally ordered one from F21; it should be here tomorrow!! (Hopefully it works out) Here are some ideas: (1) colorful maxi skirt (2) black tee and camo pants w/black heels (3) colored skinnies and a white tee (4) colorful skirt and a polka dot top ... do we see a pattern here? Color on bottom! I had an RA who always wore black (work) pants and a denim jacket. I would try pairing it with black on bottom, but meh. I've also seen it paired with chambray, but again, for me: meh. Personally I think the idea is to pair it with color!! and/or something feminine (white eyelet dress comes to mind).

    Don't worry, if the jacket works out (tomorrow!!!), you will see it.

  4. So cute! I think this is perfect! I can't do maxi anything. I look ridiculous. I had a black one a few years back I got as a gift. My husband called it a mumu (sp?). I never wore it again....
    As for jean jackets, I think they're great with dresses and casual skirts.

  5. Ahhh lynette, you are SO PRETTY. And Walmart? really? I've never had luck finding good stuff there, buuuuuut, I don't ever shop there so that's probably why.

    I used to have the PERFECT denim jacket back in 2001 and then I got rid of it, and then I found the exact same one (from Gap) at Goodwill and it pissed me off that I had to repurchase the one that I ALREADY had. But then I think I got rid of that one (again) and now I am denim-jacketless again. :( ONE DAY THOUGH.

  6. Great maxi!
    I wear my denim jacket with everything!
    From outfits for the office, such as a dress or skirt; to a casual weekend pair of shorts or even black jeans!
    The possibilites are endless!
    x Kirsty

  7. So glad I stumbled upon your blog, Lynette! I've dealt with the same denim jacket fear as well, I see all my friends wear them and they look super cute but then I see it and i'm like uhh...no. I just purchased a denim shirt and can't wait to see how I can spice it up! Way to rock the maxi dress! I'm average height so I couldn't wear one, but i always admire people who can :)
    anjelica (new to the blogging community)

  8. I've had my denim jacket forever and it's slightly too big but I can't justify buying another one when I have a perfectly serviceable one! I've wore it at least four times on my blog. And looking through my posts with it I apparently like to pair it with red pants!

  9. I like how you got this. I wish I had a denim jacket to wear over things. Like dresses that are sleeves or something b/c i know they are doing that now a days. you always look great

  10. I love your blog!!! You are so classy! I love this dress! I can't believe you got it at Walmart! That is so awesome!! I love Walmart!


  11. Goodness, you are gorgeous. I am looking for a denim jacket to wear with dresses. I have many dresses that would look so cute and dressed down with a denim jacket. I agree with what Kate said, about wearing it with color!

  12. First of all, can you stop being so dang photogenic and looking absolutely gorgeous in all your pictures? Second of all, that jean jacket can go with pretty much everything! Colored jeans, white jeans, black jeans, summer dresses, summer skirts, shorts and tanks, the possibilities are endless :)

    <3 danielle

    1. Oh and when I wear my maxi dresses, my fiance says I look like a mom... I don't think I do, and you certainly don't either! haha

  13. I think you look great in the dress! I am mildly obsessed with maxis so as long as you love it, rock it girl! Plus I never thought about pairing a jean jacket with a maxi...I can't wait to try it this spring/summer!

  14. 1. I love that dress and would never guess it came from Walmart! I actually thought it looked like Anthropologie when I first saw it.
    2. The denim jacket goes perfectly with it! The light denim is a great compliment to the bright dress.
    3. You should totally rock this look for a night out with the girls! :)

  15. love this look on you! Especially with your blonde hair! Can't believe you got that at Walmart, it's adorable!

  16. Um, Walmart? You are like a budget-friendly-fashion genius!

    P.S. denim jacket with a maxi for sure, but I also love it with a pencil skirt to kind of "dress down" work wear. I love that!


  17. I wear my denim jacket with everything! I wear it all the time (and its yellow!). So don't be afraid to play around with it. Besides it doesn't take long to change a jacket if you don't like it.

  18. Girl! You are going to get so much use out of that denim jacket! I would wear it with just about everything if I could:)! Especially a fun maxi dress! You totally did this outfit justice!

  19. Precioso vestido!!!

  20. That dress is so pretty! I definitely bought some American flag shorts at Walmart last summer- I love them!

  21. i was tooootally anti denim jacket at first and now i seriously wear it with everything. little black dress and cowboy boots. maxi skirt and comfy top. striped tee and dark denim. it dresses down any outfit that feels too fancy and makes slub looks more put-together. love love love a denim jacket--especially yours! it's the perfect color to rock with darker denim on the bottom.

    xo writeslikeagirlblog.com

  22. I actually have a maxi dress on today with a sweater over it and tights and boots! So ready for spring :)

  23. It's a lovely maxi and I have found some wonderful things at WalMart surprisingly :) and I ain't afraid to show it ;) This maxi is gorgeous, your denim jacket is gorgeous, you are gorgeous! That is all.

  24. That dress is sooooo pretty - and you are just so beautiful! I love the combo of a jean jacket and maxi dress!

    Pearls & Paws

  25. Hi doll, stumbled on your blog and am so glad I did- you've got great style.

    I typically wear a denim jacket just as I would a blazer. It looks really fresh with a pair of slim cut ankle length trousers, ballet flats and a simple tee. :)

    Take care; would love for you to swing by my blog and let me know what you think!


  26. This is such a great spring/summer look! I can;t believe you found that at Wal-mart, I love it personally! The colors will go with any jacket but I like that you toned it down with a denim jacket, which I just recently learned to love myself!

    XO Chelsea

  27. That floral dress is lovely! I love it paired with the pumps and jacket!

    Im hosting a Friday's link up, hope you'll enter this week!

    Mary Nichols Handbag Giveaway!

    Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins

  28. I actually wore a pretty similar combo last summer, love love love your maxi dress. The denim jacket complemtns totally the pink in your dress and shoes.

    Denim jackets look super cute with´white tuniks and a denim shorts :-)