Five things

 I was tagged by both Emily  and Elissa to do this 'five things' post, where you state five facts about yourself. I was excited, until I realized that I'm not very interesting, and have basically disclosed any and all interesting facts about myself when I was nominated for the Liebster award. But I dug deep, and here are a few little factoids about myself that most of you may not know (unless you're a stalker, or an exceptionally good Google-r).

A photo of me & my awesome husband because... why not?
1. I used to really dabble in photography. And by dabble I mean from ages 14-19, I spent every waking moment taking photos and learning how to edit them. I'd even been hired to photograph a few weddings, and I'd planned on making photography my career, until I realized that I didn't want my hobby to become my job. I almost dropped photography completely once I started college, and didn't really pick it up much until I started this blog. I still don't take photos of much, and only edit photos that I put on the blog, but I miss it. If you're interested (and brave), you can go here to see my Flickr gallery from when I was in the later years of high school, and if you're even more brave, my deviantArt account from my earlier high school years. You've been warned. It's teenage-y and angsty.

A photo from the vault that is my Flickr account

2. I don't keep up with any TV series except a few shows on HGTV (something I never thought I'd be interested in, ever) and Pretty Little Liars. Is that lame? It's like my guilty pleasure show. I do watch other tv series, I just always track them down on Netflix years after they ended (such as my favey faves: Smallville and Lost, and now 24). I'm sure in another 5 years I'll finally stumble onto the Walking Dead or Scandal.

3. I went to college for two years and studed Business Admin, and then dropped out for ministry school. I then dropped out of that when I was half done because my husband (fiance at the time) had just been ordained and was being moved from where we were (Texas) back to Michigan, so I left school temporarily and went with him. So basically, I'm a dropout. It's fine. I always figured I'd go to school forever and leave with a ton of degrees. I really like school. Well, I liked school. I honestly would struggle so much if I had to go back! But I plan to finish ministry school one day. And when I do, you can start calling me Minister Lynette Marie. Or just Lynette is fine... :)

4. Thought I don't talk about it a lot, I really love my job. As some of you may know, I'm a receptionist for a real estate agency. I never thought I would end up in real estate, but I really love it, even as just a receptionist. I could easily see myself in this field for a long time. Real estate, that is. Not receptionism (receptionistism?).

5. If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be Qdoba's three cheese nachos. Except for the fact that they're like 1500 calories (not joking), so I rarely indulge, but I could, for my whole life. That and a Thai noodle dish called Pad Si Ew. Do yourself a favor and order that the next time you're in a Thai restaurant. You're welcome.


  1. I keep up with Pretty Little Liars too! Kind of a teen show but I love it!

  2. Just checked out your photos on Flicker, they are pretty impressive!

  3. I liked reading a bit more about you. I had no idea you were such a photographer. I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to taking pictures :(

    also I could live only on chipotle burrito bowls. YUM.

  4. Pad Si Ew is the BEST thing ever on a Thai menu!! Whenever I mention it to people they just think it sounds funny and never know what I'm talking about... glad to know someone else appreciates the deliciousness!!!! :] I need to check out those nachos too, I love mexican food nom nom nom

  5. Cute post! I always like getting to know other bloggers better since it's such a big community :)


  6. I dropped out of college too, but I did manage to get an Associates in theatre. I figure if I ever really want to go back to work I'll go back to school for something, but for now I'm good. No degree needed to be a mom, although maybe there should be, haha!

  7. You are so pretty! Where at in Michigan are you? I'm in the metro-detroit area :)

    With Love From, B
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  8. I'm the same way about tv! I don't really watch anything that's airing right now but love to watch old seasons of things on Netflix. Right now I'm on a "Medium" kick.

    And Pad Si Ew is amazing. It's a toss up for me between that and Pad Thai for my favorite Thai dish.

  9. omg I am totally with you on the Qdoba nachos. I was actually eating them today & said to my friend "I wonder how many calories this is?"....1,500 EEEEK!

  10. My husband loves those nachos! I like to steal some of the calories for him.

  11. I had no idea you were so into photography! NO WONDER YOUR PICTURES TURN OUT SO PRETTY.

    And ministry school? I would have never guessed. That's really cool though!

    Pad see ew (however it's spelled, it seems like every restaurant spells it differently) is my FAVORITE. I have to stop myself from ordering it every time we do Thai food.

  12. I love these "5 things" posts! It's so fun to get to know my favorite bloggers better :) I'm the same way with TV shows...I don't keep up with much, and I watch shows way after they've been on the air on Netflix (LOST was my show a couple years ago - LOVE IT).

  13. So I totally just went there and stalked your Flickr account, and girl you got SKILLZ. For real, you're not just someone with a DSLR camera(all fingers pointing at me), you really have talent! You should get back into it and share it on here because your stuff is reallllly good! :)

    <3 Danielle