It's official.

I'm going hunting.

Matt and I will be spending the next five days in the middle of nowhere, Michigan (sometimes known as White Cloud), deer hunting. As a newlywed, I'm more than happy to support Matt in his favorite hobby. Well.. until I watch him shoot down Bambi. I can't guarantee my response after that. He tells me that we'll only kill adult male deer, and that they're not very nice anyway, but pretty much anything furry and with four legs is nice to me. :)

I've been lamenting all afternoon over the fact that I will not be bringing a single cute item of clothing on this trip.

Though I did manage to maintain a shred of my femininity in those pink thermal socks. 

I guess I always thought all hunting was kind of like, wild African boar hunting or something, where you're constantly on the move, tracking the animal. Exciting, right? Apparently, though, that is only for the movies. Deer hunting is apparently very... calm. I have been told I should expect to sit very still and quiet for three days in our blind in the woods, waiting for the deer. Except, I'm not very good at being still, or quiet. Or waiting. So we'll see how this goes.

However, I am super excited about a new experience with my husband and spending some alone time in the woods! I am one of those people who finds themselves needing to be constantly entertained or stimulated. I look forward to the peaceful serenity of the woods. And listening to every song in my phone on repeat.

I think this is what God made iPhones for. 

And even though five days hunting doesn't sound exactly like my cup of tea, I'd say it's a pretty fair trade when I've subjected Matt to so much shopping and fashion TV shows that he can now identify what type of waistline a dress has, how to accessorize an outfit, and if a woman is wearing hair extensions or not.

I've got him right where I want him. :)

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