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Blazer: H&M Top: Forever 21 Jeans: Macy's Necklace: c/o Ara Nicole Shoes: Nine West

I have a feeling that no matter how much I promise I'm going to crank out 4 or 5 outfit posts a week this summer, I'm just going to have a hard time keeping that promise. Because for most of this summer so far, I've spent many of my days covered in sweat from a workout, or running around without make-up on, or wearing the same pair of shorts again & again with an uninspiring t-shirt, or I'm laying by the pool in clothes so scant that no one wants me to post it on the blog, I'm sure.

There was something about fall, winter & spring that makes me want to blog more. I think I know what it is: freezing cold temperatures that make me hate the outdoors and force me to stay in and indulge in my one indoor hobby: blogging. But in the summer, it's too easy to spend my time shopping, laying by the pool, working out outside, biking, etc. It's hard to stay concerned about a blog when summer is here.

But I'm not abandoning ship! No way, Jose! I'm sticking it out this summer, and posting whatever strange mix of outfits I find myself in this summer. I just have a feeling my post frequency will pick up a lot once it stops being so beautiful outside.

Speaking of beautiful weather: these photos were taken when the weather was not being so beautiful. I don't know about all of you, but us Michigander's have been experiencing so. much. freakin'. rain. It's really annoying. Especially when your job involves you driving around half the state, showing houses. So this outfit happened on one of those days, when the weather was not sunny or stifling hot. I recently purchased this top as part of a pajama set at Forever 21, but I've just been wearing the top as a normal top because it's so comfortable and if there's one thing I love, it's sneaking pajamas into real outfits. :)

PS: Don't mind the creepy veins all over my hands. I've recently switched up my workout routine with a personal trainer and let's just say, the results are showing. Everywhere. Even in my hands. Say hello to Lynette's new man hands. It's fine.



Jacket: Forever 21 Top: H&M Shorts: Forever 21 Necklace: Forever 21 Sandals: Forever 21 Bag: London Fog via Burlington Coat Factory

Sorry for the little accidental mini break. I didn't mean to not post for a week (outside of the awesome giveaway I'm hosting!). Just kinda happened, with the holiday, a weird work week & extra workout sessions this week with my trainer. But all is back to normal. For now, anyway!

Ever since finding these shorts, it's hard to get myself to wear anything else on my days off. They're just ridiculously comfortable and I'm so proud to have a dang pair of shorts, I just want to wear them all the time. Even to a freezing cold movie theater, which is where I wore this outfit. Movie theaters are generally known for being ice cold in my opinion, and I usually bundle up before going. But I couldn't bribe myself out of these shorts. So I bribed myself in to a denim jacket, to help keep warm. And it worked! I was toasty the whole movie. 

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A pretty little gem + a giveaway!

I'm a sucker for jewelry. It's definitely no secret. But I'm also pretty picky about my jewelry. If something is going to cost as much as a top or a pair of shoes (or more), it better be beautiful enough to catch just as much attention as those clothing pieces would. And jewelry like that is what you'll find at Ara Nicole Online Boutique! When the lovely lady behind this brand offered to send me a piece, I spent forever trying to decide which piece I wanted. The beautiful necklace I'm wearing eventually won the race, this stunning necklace and this handcrafted Swarovski set were certainly runner-ups!

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