Casual & Blue

Top: H&M, $12
Pants: Macys, Old
Scarf: Forever 21, old
Shoes: Guess via TJ Maxx, $28
Purse: H&M, $28
Necklace: Forever 21, $2

Big thanks to everyone who helped me reason over the wanna-be high-low dress debacle. I'm about 98% sure I'm going to return it now. Which was what my original thought was, but sometimes you just need a girlfriend in the dressing room with you to justify what you're already thinking. Or in my case, 23 girlfriends. All in one dressing room. Yep. 

One purchase I made recently that I certainly don't regret though are these teal (turquoise? I'm terrible at color shades) heels I found at TJ Maxx. I've been wanting a pair of heels in some shade of blue for a couple months now (every little thing she does is magic!), and I saw the one's I'm wearing at TJ Maxx a couple months ago, but were $40. Which really isn't a ton for shoes, but blue heels is kind of a scary clothing item to me, and one that I didn't want to majorly invest in right away. When I visited TJ Maxx this past Sunday, however, these little babies were marked down to $27.99, and I couldn't resist. They're so much pointier than anything I've ever had, but I kind of like it! It's kinda fancy, yeah? If I wasn't sure about the color, I'm sure now. We are going to be friends, sweet little blue shoes. Good friends.

Also, my plan this month was to find boyfriend jeans. Who would think that a curvier girl would look bad in loose-fitting jeans, right? I mean, I'm not even ridiculously curvy. Or heavy. Or thin. I'm not like, anything. Right? I'm average. So why do boyfriend jeans look so weird on me? But they are loose in the waist, tight in the butt and thighs, baggy in the knee, and slightly tight in the calves. And sizing up just means there's like two inches of extra fabric at the waist and it looks bulky in all my tops. So what have I started doing? Pulled out the two-sizes-too-big skinny jeans that twenty-pounds-heavier Lynette used to try to squeeze into, and rolled them up, and decided that they will work for now. They may like tighter-fitting in these photos, but they're actually quite loose. And by quite loose I mean not painted on like my normal skinny jeans. Does that work? It's cool with me if it's cool with you.


  1. Um, I was all, cool boyfriend jeans! So thanks for making me feel dumb. Also POINTY TOED HEELS ARE MY FAVORITE!!! They make everything fancy. In fact a little game I play with myself is everytime I wear them... which is all of my shoes, so every day... I look down and I'm all "oh you fancy huh!" Which is both funny and makes me feel gangster. Win win.

    Happy almost Friday :)
    Sam ipsa Loquitur

  2. I suck at color naming, too! I would call those turquoise, but that's just because in my mind, teal is darker and deeper. The heels are awesome on you. I scored a pair of heels the other day for $14 and wore them all day Tuesday. I thought of you. Is that weird to say? No, I didn't think so either.

    Story time. The other day I went to Kohl's to try on boyfriend jeans because when I tried them on in the mall stores, they were still tight on the thighs! I figured Kohl's has stuff that fits, and they serve the more realistic sized woman, right? Nope. They were less tight in the thighs, but no boyfriend jean effect. That was one of the few times I've wish I had a smartphone so I could instagram it and get feedback. Maybe I could take photos and blog about them? Eh.

    I wish I could pull out my fat jeans.. but I couldn't fit into pants back then so I don't have any. Except for one unbelievable pair that fit me just as well now as they did when I was 40 pounds heavier. I call them my "sisterhood of the traveling pants" pants because I'm sure I could share them with anyone. Hm. I should go find those things.

  3. Looking chic as always!
    I adore that scarf!! the bright blue//turquoise color is perfect-o! Don't even worry over the jeans, although I think you could rock any style you wanted to!

  4. Good call with the jeans. I think they look great on you!
    XO, Rachel
    With Love, Rachel

  5. I can't wear boyfriend jeans- they overwhelm me and look weird. Which sucks, because I love the look of them! These jeans look great on you and I love the colorful shoes!

  6. These jeans fit you like woah...and I love the pointy pumps - that color is so fun!


  7. Love the jeans, I have 2 similar pairs!
    Your style and blog is awesome, so you've gained a follower! :)
    Look forward to seeing more awesomeness. :)

    xoxo Marie

  8. I love the scarf and shoes together. The shoes are such a pretty color - I'd guess turquoise? But I'm bad at color names too. ITS JUST BLUE!

  9. LOVE the colors in that scarf.

  10. i love this outfit. i have to admit that i've done the same with a pair of "baggy" skinny jeans from pacsun that i owned in high school because i can't afford/haven't found a pair of boyfriend jeans that really fits. they might be out there, but i haven't found them yet.

    i'm dying over your shoes. you make me want to wear heels on the reg, which i know is not at all practical. i want them.

    also, you look ridic beautiful in these photos.

    xo nicole

  11. I love you in these jeans and I think it's the perfect solution! I love the shoes too, so cute!

  12. I love the scarf and the shoes!!

  13. Love the look so much! Jeans with heals is so classy. I am thinking about an outfit like this to wear to work on a Friday!

  14. Love that scarf and the shoes- they compliment each other so well! I am eyeing a similar color pair of peep toes from Target so I am excited to see other ways you style it for inspiration!

    I'm totally with you on the jean issue- my problem is that most pants are too tight in the thigh and too loose in the waist. I blame it on my soccer thighs- UGH! What is a girl to do?!

  15. Your jeans look adorable. I have a hard time with boyfriend jeans (story of my life finding pants). They always look way too baggy, and it cuts off the leg in a really unflattering way. I'm not a huge fan of "regular" boyfriend jeans, but the skinny ones look nice to me.

    I adore your scarf - what great colors for you!!!

  16. Absolutely *love* the color of those heels.

    Elise @ A Bow On Top

  17. Gorgeous scarf!


  18. Love the heels - definitely a smart buy at $27! And I was on the quest for BF jeans this month, too. I ordered some at Gap last week and they're supposed to get here on Monday, so cross your fingers that they're fab!

    See Mo Go.

  19. These shoes are beautiful, for sure, but I'm also really loving this scarf! The colors give it a sorta vintage-vibe, I think. I do the same thing you do for boyfriend jeans and just roll up my slightly bigger skinnies.

  20. These jeans definitely work! Have more of that fun, relaxed feel of a bf jean... so good work! I can't seem to find the right pair either, but probably because I am curvy, very curvy. AND THOSE HEELS GASP! I want :)

  21. I love the shoes!! I just went to TJ and didn't have much luck. You look so pretty!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  22. Lynette!!

    These jeans look absolutely stunning- they totally work! I adore them. And those heels. You are SO photogenic!! You should do a post on how to post for pics. I could take some pointers haha.

    XO Jenna

  23. I have been looking for bf jeans, you rocked these! They look great and are not to tight on your legs at all! Great buy at TJ MAXX, LOVE LOVE a bold pop of color on a heel. Glad you decided to exchange the dress, and that your blogger girlfriends can help, that is what we are here for! XOXO


  24. Ahhhh I LOVE those shoes!!! and such a steal that you picked them up at tj maxx for $28!! I'm sure the original price was much, much higher!! I love all things blue, they make me swoon and go awwwwwww, and these are the perfect bright beautiful blue color!! I also love the pointy toe, they look fancy but the color makes them look fun! :)

  25. I've never been too big of a fan of boyfriend jeans, but this, I can do. It looks good, Lynette! Too bad all my too-large jeans are boot leg, which doesn't really work for the boyfriend look :(

  26. Lynette those boyfriend jeans caught my attention immediately, they look so cool yet chic on you. Love pointed toed heels, they are my favourite as they make your legs look longer and are so elegant.

    I have been following you via GFC but they will shut down their business by July, following you now via Bloglovin :-)


  27. I cannot actually explain just how much I adore those blue shoes. OMG.

  28. Your accessories are rocking in this post. You elevated this casual look with pops of color and just the right amount of springy pizzazz!

    - Caitlin

  29. Love the heels and the scarf together. Perfect outfit!

    Xo, Janelle GlamorousMama