Ask me out, husband.

Jacket: H&M, $30
Top: Old
Skirt: Thrifted, $5
Necklace: Forever 21, $8
Shoes: Forever 21, $20
Purse: Love Culture, $20

 Truth is, I haven't worn this outfit yet. But I am:

a) Proud of myself for thrifting something cute (the skirt), even if I probably paid close to what it originally cost. And even if that thrift store is actually a consignment shop. Small beginnings, friends. We can't all be Danielle (a thrifty lady you should check out).

b) Waiting for my husband to ask me out on a date so I can wear this cute little outfit. Preferably before it gets too warm to wear this coat, which should be happening sometime soon. Fingers crossed.

c) Glad I finally got my dang hair highlighted. Yes, I'm a natural blonde. And sometimes a liar.


  1. so beautiful, Lynette! love this neutral look with the pop of color from the bag :)

    -Jenna Brianne

  2. Yeah yeah yeah! Blonde liars unite!! Except you know who doesn't lie? My roots. So there's that. And I lovelovelove the color of your top and coat. Beautiful neutral.

    Sam ipsa Loquitur

  3. dang girl, look at those curves (in a really really good way). i hope the husband got the hint ;)

  4. Very cute outfit! It's perfect for a date with your hubby!
    Great thrift buy!



  5. i can't even imagine what you look like as a not-blonde. obvi still friggen gorgeous. loooove the trench look. it's already too hot here to wear mine. maybe tomorrow since it's supposed to rain i can get away with calling it a rain coat. def getting a bag in that color, even if it isn't my everyday bag. too cute to handle.

    xoxo nicole

  6. So yeah, I think you'll be getting asked out on a date very soon. You look hot! Love the outfit!

  7. Va va voom, if he doesn't ask you out, I will :)

  8. Love this look girl! You should so wear this on date night! It is absolutely fabulous! You look beautiful:)!

  9. That outfit is a winner!

  10. Cute skirt and love the color of the bag!

  11. He better read this and take you out on a date!! This is a great idea to ask for your man to take you out, I will need to use this! Love the skirt, with the beige top and jacket. Your hair looks FAB!!

    XO Chelsea

  12. Gorgeous! I love the skirt and yay for thrifting! It takes a little practice and patience, but soon you'll be a pro :) And love the highlights! :)

  13. Cute outfit!
    H&M has similar skirts like this for $6, should check it out; just picked up 4 of them the other day :)

  14. ahhhh super cute outfit, Lynette! I love the loose fit of the tee paired with the striped skirt. You look amazingggggg.

  15. Crushing on that pink satchel! Need to invest in one soon! You're fresh locks have just been a huge reminder to me of how much I need to get mine done!!

    Fiona xo

  16. I'm fairly new to your blog, but so far I'm loving the color pallette of all your outfits! I don't wear heels, ever, but I'm still so inspired everytime I spot by! Congrats on thrifting! It can become an addiction!

  17. I wish we had Forever21 stores here, those heels look perfect and the price tag is just awesome!

  18. Ooooh, Lynette! I love this outfit! Your skirt looks incredible on you - you just rock those curves!


  19. cute outfit,u look awesome!!
    would you like to follow each other?
    I always follow back :)

  20. Such a pretty casual look. Grey tees are the best.

    The Fashionable ESQ

  21. Going along with the theme of your lovely comment on my blog (and this post, I suppose)..

    a. you are beautiful! Seriously though, so pretty!
    b. I love your thrifted skirt. Go you for finding it, consignment stores can be pretty dang crazy to go through!
    c. You've now made me want my fiance to ask me out on a date.. we'll see if that happens in the near future.
    d. I may or may not have gotten some serious inspiration for a outfit from this ;)
    e. I followed you back on BL, because I'm not sure how I haven't already? haha


  22. You always know how to look sexy without being skimpy, Lynette! I think a lot of women could and SHOULD learn from you! Thanks for mentioning me! I'm proud of you for your thrifted find :)

  23. Love this look! I want to wear it!! Outfits so comfy and cute are the best :) Hope you get to go on that date sooner than later ;)

  24. Love this outfit.. so jealous that you thrifted the skirt! I can never find anything, even though I regularly check the thrift stores!

    P.S. I got my tee shirt (from my sister) from a shop up at MSU, She said she's sure that downtown AA would have similar shirts as well! XX

  25. I love the coat! This is a cute date night look too. Love it!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  26. Loving that nail polish color! So pretty for spring.
    grey et al