The Navy Blazer Debacle

Allow me to preface this entry by saying:

a) I think this outfit is kinda ugly, and
b) I did not actually wear it out in public yet so,
c) Don't worry, there's still hope for me.

Top: H&M, $30
Blazer: H&M, $30
Skirt: Banana Republic, $20
Shoes: Forever 21, $9

For being a girl with enough confidence in her fashion choices to post her outfits on the Internet several times a week, I sure am a dummy when it comes to introducing new pieces into my closet. And this isn't even a new type of piece; it's just a new color. My most feared color: navy. It must stem from my early interest in fashion, probably somewhere near the beginning of middle school, when I realized I looked silly wearing a navy shirt with navy-blue jeans. It was just boring and "too matchy", and from then on I vowed to never buy navy, because what on earth would I wear with it other than jeans?

10 years later, I'm still struggling with my wise, middle school choices. Even though I only wear jeans a couple days a week. However, most of my bottoms seem to be black. I have one light gray skirt (photographed), a gray peplum skirt (not suitable with a blazer), a magenta skirt (too short for work but will otherwise work, I suppose), a blue skirt, a sky-blue maxi skirt, and a tan lace skirt. That is the contents of "bottoms" in my closet outside of jeans and black pants/skirts. I can see this navy blazer working with this photographed skirt (possibly?) and my tan lace skirt (possibly?), but I don't know. My first & only time wearing this blazer out of the house, I wore it to work with black skinny jeans and an agent at work severely questioned my outfit choice. I assured him that I knew what I was doing, but I am also a great bluffer, so...

I think this navy blazer (which I've really only worn out of the house once, to work, and still has the tags on, don't judge) may end up being returned if I can't figure something else. I think it's a workable piece (obviously, like half my readers have one and wear it religiously), but I can't see it being very workable unless I buy some more colored and printed bottoms. And let's just say not all thighs were created equal, and this girl's thigh's were not created for colored bottoms, so that leaves me with skirts to work with.

So as usual, when I run into a fashion emergency, I call upon my smart blog friends. What do you think of navy blazers and what are your go-to color combo's and outfit combo's?


  1. Um, this outfit is NOT ugly. Not one bit! Navy blue and gold were my HS colors, so maybe I'm biased ;)
    I do tend to think blazers look better with 3/4 length sleeves (especially when paired with skirts/dresses), so maybe try and roll them up if you can? This blazer would look adorable with a tan or white dress for the summer, with some killer pumps or wedges. Coral and salmon also look great with navy (if you like the "nautical" look).

    -Jenna Brianne

  2. Personally, I think the blazer would be cute with the right pair of jeans (maybe lighter, somewhat destroyed denim?). But it would look awesome with a hot pink skirt! I really like this outfit, though. Maybe even a pink shirt instead of yellow? Navy and pink is one of my favorite color combos!

  3. I actually have been wanting a navy blazer! I like this look too! What about with your striped skirt? I bet if you type in navy blazer to Pinterest you'll get tons of ideas, I think I have like 20 possible looks with a navy blazer pinned too :)

  4. This outfit is not ugly! I love a navy blazer with a white dress :)

  5. You look amazingly confident and poised for someone who is wearing an "ugly" outfit. When I hate my outfit, my face shows it. I scanned my blog to see how I have worn my navy blazer (which I now see I haven't worn in a long time).. verdict: dress, camo pants, and jeans. Okay, not much help there, but I think you could consider getting some colorful bottoms. I know they tell us with thunder thighs to avoid colorful bottoms, but I say screw it. I do what I want. I avoid super bright bottoms, but you still have a wide scope of greens, reds, blues, yellows, pinks, light purples, orange, neutrals... pretty much everything except brown and black?

    Okay, new approach. Ask yourself whether you're willing to get new bottoms to match the blazer. If that seems financially irresponsible, then return the blazer. I think you could wear it just fine with this skirt (is it the same one from the laundry machine post? -- just scanned your blog photos via Pinterest) and could work nicely with the cobalt skirt and the lace skirt, too. I think you should force yourself to come up with three unique outfits incorporating the blazer, and if you can't, return it.

  6. I actually really love this outfit !
    I have a love / hate relationship with navy, I know it's apparently okay to wear it with black, but I absolutely can't. And since most of my clothes are black, I have an hard time remixing my navy pieces. I do have one navy blazer that I wear with my favorite pink pencil skirt for work, or my boyfriend jeans and heels on every other occasion !

  7. This may sound strange, but I LOVE navy with black - it's all about what you pair it with. For me, the trick is adding brown into the mix (i.e. a white top, navy blazer, black pants and a brown belt and/or brown shoes). I also love navy with black when I have another pattern (like a floral top) in the mix - same with jeans. I think it's all about breaking up the color between the two similar colors and you're good to go!


  8. There's nothing wrong with the outfit, but I don't think that yellow top is right for your coloring! Try it with a pink top and I bet you'll love it.

  9. I consider navy as being a neutral colour, so I wear it with anything. I think the outfit you posted recently with the pink blazer would look just as nice with a navy one, and also the date night outfit you posted recently with the striped skirt and the pink/magenta handbag will also look great with this blazer. I hope that helps. I'm not quite sure why you say today's outfit is ugly? I don't see it.

  10. i haven't commented before, but i came by because i actually thought this outfit was really cute! i think it looks great with the grey skirt you're wearing above, and think it would look great with white bottoms, or even with shorts during the summer to look a little more put together. i'm actually hoping to add more navy to my closet...i think it's less harsh than black but still neutral enough to go with almost anything, even jeans if paired well!

  11. do not, i repeat, do not return the blazer! i'm on a blazer-kick right now and have literally been wearing one every single day. and since navy is such a versatile neutral, it really will go with everything: i.e. floral dresses, camo, sweatshirts, and my all-time favorite; white shirts & a darker/lighter color jean! [i promise!].

    p.s. you look amazeballs in that outfit and i LOOOOVE the blazer with that skirt


  12. I am loving this Blazer. It fits you great & it is the Perfect Navy one. No way you should return it. I am in the lookout for a Navy Blazer myself. This outfit is great. Yellow looks fantastic both with Gray and with Navy. I actually have similar pieces like yours so I am saving this outfit for an inspiration. Speaking of blazers, the one you had on yesterday's post is Gorgeous, too. Ohhh and those Leopard Pumps are Fabulous! What 20 bucks!? What F21!?

  13. First of all, I adore this OUTFIT! A shade of yellow + navy + leopard pumps?! YES. I would wear this to work in a heart beat! Also, navy blazers are SO GREAT! Please don't return it haha! Seriously, just Pinterest it: http://pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=navy%20blazer

    I love the idea of navy with shades of pink, sequins :) , olive green, cobalt blue, stripes, red, leopard scarf and jeans! The list is endless!

  14. I don't think this is a terrible outfit, but I do think it would look better with a white pencil skirt or pants!

  15. you will learn to LOVE navy. it is the neutral created for blondes. try it with your pink purse, a tee, and your fave jeans and wedges for a night out to get used to it. matt will love it.

    because navy is already a neutral more so than a color, try a bolder skirt on the bottom maybe? i love the yellow and think you could have gone colorblocking crazy with a pink/patterned pencil skirt.

    ooh, and because of the placement of the button on this one, it would look so cute over a dress and belted with something fun like neon or animal print.

    i swear you're going to love navy--just let it be the neutral and go bold elsewhere.

    xo nicole

  16. I like the top and blazer together, I just don't think I like the dark blazer with the light skirt. Love that blazer though.

  17. I think this outfit is kinda awesome.

  18. This outfit is not ugly! I totally understand the navy struggles though...now that I'm thinking about it I don't think I own a single navy piece so I would struggle with creativity too! But you did a great job :)



  19. I like the outfit :). Navy is a fashion neutral color, so it'll go with a ton of other items. I think this will look great with a pink, coral, yellow, or green dress, and also like what others have said, with a pair of destroyed denim paired with a graphic tee for the weekends - would be adorable. :)

  20. I like the navy blazer! Avoid wearing it with black since it can clash- but all other colors would work. I think you look great in this outfit!

  21. Well, I know you said jeans already, but that is one of my favorite options. Just changing out the top, accessories and your hair makes it look different. And don't get rid of it just because you might not have enough bottoms yet. You may end up getting something next week that works perfectly with it! And for the record, this outfit is not ugly. I like it!!!


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  22. Girl, first of all you would look fab in anything....you are gorg! And I actually like this look...it's classy with a little pop of sass! And I DO think you guys were in the same bluebonnet field as us!! That is wild!!!

  23. I love to pair navy with bright pink, mint, red (for a nautical look). And I always think it looks so chic with at crisp white shirt and gold jewelry!

  24. Personally if I have a blazer or jacket that I am not in love with I wear it with jeans.. casually. I like the blazer but sometimes satin just doesn't work and I have two that are satin and I never wear them EVER! Yours looks like cotton but same concept, if you won't wear it return, unlike me! Get something else you will wear. But you still look pretty! I love the yellow top with the light grey skirt.

    XO Chelsea http://shesaidhesaid-fashion.blogspot.com/

  25. Ohhhh man, I LOVE navy, which may stem from the many years my mom dressed me in nautical outfits. (Oh no, it did not develop a hatred as one might assume.) I actually posted my outfit from yesterday which involved navy and coral, a combination I'm an enormous fan of. Also, how does blue NOT go with yellow? I'll tell you: it doooooes go with yellow, so I think this outfit is lovely. Maybe you could put a skinny belt over the skirt?

  26. I think this outfit totally works! but now you are causing me to doubt my obsession with finding the perfect navy blazer. Fran posted about how her navy blazer was her favorite purchase from last year or something, and so I'm like, WHY DO I NOT HAVE A NAVY BLAZER? And I've been frantically searching for "THE ONE" (I think it's the Academy blazer from Gap but I'm waiting on a good coupon to purchase it), But I've never really thought about how I'd wear it, since I wear a lot of blacks. NOW I AM FILLED WITH DOUBT.

  27. I dont think this is ugly at all!
    I'd pair the navy blazer with your magenta skirt! A real colour block look.
    Here is a post I did with Navy and magenta...(although not a balzer) http://geelongfashionista.wordpress.com/2013/03/13/colour-blocking/
    Good luck and I hope you fall back in love with Navy!
    x Kirsty

  28. this outfit is amazing! i hope you listen to everyone's comments here because we all love it. navy is such a classic, neutral color. i have never met a color navy didn't look great with. my favorites are magenta and orange. i understand the uneasiness of wearing something for the first time that you never have before or trying out a new color combination, but i hope you keep this blazer around, it is a great piece that fits you perfectly!

  29. I wear navy with black. And with cognac or brown. And grey. Breakin all da rulez. Anyways, I like this outfit, what color is the print on those shoesies?

  30. My navy blazer is the most versatile in my closet. Goes with Yellow, burgundy, pink, peach, orange, hot pink, white, green...shall I go on? I've done quite a few Navy combos on my blog.
    Also I want to copy this outfit. I don't see what's wrong with it or with any of the other posts where you say there's something wrong.
    k at www.beautystyleandgrowth.blogspot.com

  31. Wear this blazer with any cute graphic tshirt and a pair of jeans (ripped/destroyed, or nice dark wash long ones) and flats or heels, add a scarf or a fun necklace-- you're golden.