Come to the Fitting Room Party.

So I don't have an outfit to post today. This is because instead of going home after church today to take outfit pictures, Matt and I wasted a few hours at Marshalls & TJ Maxx (the two stores where great clothes go to end up in Lynette's closet). I often take photos of clothing pieces that I'm not sure of so that I can go home and look at them and try to figure out what my go with that piece in my closet, or if it just won't fit into my closet well at all. So who wants to see a few things that I tried on? All of you?! GREAT! Proceed.

I've been seeing eyelet skirts and tops everywhere this spring, and I remembered spotting a bright orange-y red one at Marshalls recently. Thankfully, it was still there when I stopped by. But unthankfully, it ran small and didn't have the next size up. As you can see, it fits in the waist without causing "overspill" (ew), but if you stand with your feet kind of apart and you see the material of the skirt stretching across your thighs like that, size up. And if you can't size up because the store doesn't have it in stock, frown about it.

I have a decent amount of skirts, but I've been itching for a few patterned skirts this spring to kind of liven up my wardrobe a bit, especially since I wear skirts at least 3-4 days a week. The skirt is navy blue and light blue, if you can't tell, and fits very nicely. I almost passed it up because it has a seam running down the middle in the front and little slit pockets in the back, but despite those facts, I bought it. It was only 16.99! I'm kinda nervous about it (patterned? NAVY? we're talking scary stuff here, my friends), but hey, that's what receipts are for. 

The top is so cute. I've been wanting a peplum top AND a mint top, and I thought I'd killed two birds with one stone when I found this top. Except here's the thing. Sleeveless tops make my armpits very nervous. I am one of those lucky girls that has "armpit fat", and it is visible when I wear tank tops. It's wayyy better than it used to be when I was heavier, and you probably can't notice much in this picture (see the left shoulder), but it just made me too nervous to buy it, knowing that it wouldn't look great with a blazer over it and so I'd have to wear it on it's own. It is sooo darn cute though, so I may go back and buy it and just let the world judge my armpits. YOLO.

Another scary subject: shorts. I'm pretty sure I developed some serious thighs by the time I was, oh, eleven. And have not really worn shorts ever since. Seriously. I don't own a single pair. Last summer after finally losing the last of the 50 pounds I intended on losing, I thought I'd have awesome blossom thighs, but guess what? This girl is just built like an athlete, and these thighs are just beefy. These shorts were almost a winner though! They're Calvin Klein, and they weren't ultra short (the angle makes them look short but they weren't too short), they were super comfy, and I almost didn't feel huge in them. I think if I'd had a few good coats of self-tanner on my legs, I might've walked out with these shorts. I'm still possibly considering going back for them. Again, I don't want to avoid shorts my whole life because I'm afraid someone's going to notice that my thighs aren't super skinny. I mean, duh. I'm sure I'm not fooling anyone in my skinny jeans, so what's the difference? Yeah?

If anyone of you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my frustration last week when I tried on 3 beautiful dresses at TJ Maxx, all of which were Cynthia Rowley, and all of which were too big. They were all size Smalls, and I was praying that when I walked into TJ Maxx this week that there'd be an XS waiting around a corner for me (I'm only an XS up top due to lack of a chest, guys... my bottom half is a generous size 4/6 or medium. Thanks, thighs.). Anyway, there was not. But another type of Cynthia Rowley dress was there, in a size small, and it looks like it ran a tiny bit smaller, so I tried it on, and BAM. I don't think a dress has ever fit me this well since my wedding dress. It's like it was literally made for me. I tried it on in green first, but then remembered it came in black too, and had to grab that as well. Part of me wanted to buy both, but at $30 a pop (I know, so expensive, right?), I only wanted to walk out with one. The black ended up winning me over because of it's versatility, and though the green was so interesting, it was definitely "green screen" green, which is sorta unflattering. So say hello to my newest little black dress! It's a structured and incredibly well-made dress that I'm sure you'll see on the blog soon.

That's all I have for you guys today! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. :)


  1. I love that peplum top on you! I think you are crazy if you think you have armpit day! Haha that last dress fits so well on you, too! At TJ Maxx and Marshall's I have to go at the right time- sometimes I find 5 things and other times I walk around for an hour and find nothing!

  2. So cute! Loving your new black dress and patterned skirt!



  3. I love this post. It's extremely relatable, and I totally understand all of these shopping problems. I have the same issue with my armpits! I have almost nothing sleeveless, but I think that top looks great on you! (:

  4. Awesome finds, Lynette! I adore that dress. I get stupidly excited whenever I find a dress that fits me like it was made for me, too :) I'm insecure about my thighs and armpit area too...so I don't wear shorts much, and rarely wear sleeveless tops. I'm much more confident when I'm a little more covered up, but I'm trying to work on that :)

  5. you should send matt this post and encourage him to buy you the green dress for...well, if you don't have a birthday coming up, then just for springtime. because you need it. the neckline on that is incredible. i might go to my local tj maxx (where i have never ever found ANYTHING) and look for it for myself...

    GO BACK AND BUY THAT PEPLUM. that might be one of my favorite pieces i've ever seen on you. that color is so refreshing and gorgeous and you look so beautiful in it. i love how peplums look over pencil skirts and jeans, which are two of your favorite things. as for the "armpit fat" (my mom claims to have the same), if you're really self conscious about it, i bet your office is pretty cold and so are restaurants sometimes, so it wouldn't be crazy to throw a cardi or blazer on over it. seriously. get the peplum.

    xo nicole

  6. I like the printed skirt and peplum top! Its always great when a one finds that perfect little black dress! Mine is still out there somewhere!

  7. I was JUST at TJ Maxx yesterday and I didn't find anything half as cute as your loot. LUCKY GAL.

    That peplum top is totally cute on you. I love the color and the shape is really flattering on you, and GIRLFRIEND, EVERYONE HAS ARMPIT FAT. And the black dress is perfect, and now it makes me want to hunt it down so we can be twinsies.

    If I were you, I'd return the printed skirt. While the pattern is super cute and it fits well, the seam down the middle looks bad with the pattern edges mis-matched, and that was the first thing I noticed about it! There is no reason a pencil skirt needs a middle seam :(

  8. First of all, your armpit fat is like nonexistent compared to mine, so don't even. Totally with you on the shorts issue though - don't own a single pair either (and probably never will)! But I love the mint peplum and totally think you should go back & get it. Also the Cynthia Rowley dress is adorbs :)


  9. So sad about the orange eyelet skirt :( It looks like it would be cute. The peplum top is adorable, and must be worn. I promise, no one will notice the (possibly nonexistent) armpit fat but you! I totally feel you on the shorts problem. I very, very rarely wear them, due to some majorly jiggly thighs. But sometimes they're just necessary for me, living in GA with 2 little ones (I really don't want to wear a skirt at the zoo or playground), so I just suck it up and figure if my husband doesn't mind, I'll try not to mind either. If they make you super uncomfortable though, don't feel like you have to wear shorts. It's not worth the mental angst!

  10. You are way too hard on yourself... and I think you see things that others would never see. Case in point... everything in those pictures looked GREAT/Amazing on you. I love love loved the orange eyelet skirt, and think the size was perfect (go back and get it). And the patterned skirt with the mint peplum - delish - you looked awesome!! Shorts were cute too, and of course the dress you buy was a complete winner. Girl, you were made for clothes!!

  11. I think you look amazing! Your legs are too fabulous. The peplum top is cute and I love it with that patterned skirt.


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  12. This makes me consider upgrading my phone and getting a smart phone. Or having you move so we can be neighbors and go shopping together. I won't wear shorts shorter than 5" inseam (which I have only found in non-high rise/old lady style at Old Navy). The peplum top on you is so cute, I might have to run out and try to find it for myself. The seam down the front of the skirt made me do a double take. I'm glad you can get past it- it just seems (ha) like a sewing error to me. Finally, thank you for doing the wide legs in the skirt stance. No one ever taught me how a skirt should fit, so I have a few skirts that do the overspill and/or stretching. I think this just goes to show that I need a smart phone so I can have your opinions on standby. Or I'll just take my camera with me when I go shopping. Would that be weird? I guess we're ones for doing weird things.

  13. Oooh that blue shirt is adorable on you!

  14. I love this post! You really do look good in everything, I love the printed skirt you eventually bought, it will work with a lot of items you have, tops and jackets! I also like the black dress you chose, it could also work for work or just lounging around. Thanks for the photos! I know you don't need to hear it but really .. you are not fat and I don't see armpit fat at all.. but to each there own opinion :O) Love ya Lynette!

    XO Chelsea http://shesaidhesaid-fashion.blogspot.com/

  15. I love this post! I to went to tj maxx this weekend. And it's funny you talked about Cynthia Rowley, because I love her dresses and felt the same way about your sizing. They didn't work out for me, but my sister ended up getting the same dress as you but in a nude color. So cute!!



  16. GO get that peplum top! And you look amazing in all of these pictures! I wonder how hard it would be to tailor those dresses that were too big, they colors look so amazing on you! I have big thighs too, so shorts are always a struggle. I have found a few keepers though :)

  17. You did great Lynette. I would have definitely purchased the top & shorts, too, especially that cute Aqua Peplum Top. You can always wear a cardigan or blazer over it. Too bad about the eyelet skirt. And that last dress is incredible. Cynthia Rowley for 30 bucks? You can find dresses for that price at F21 so this one is def. worth it.

  18. i think the peplum top looks pretty nice on you :) that green dress is pretty sweet as well <3
    (check out my latest posts at Fashion Week Sydney)

  19. You was right on first picture it's not your color at all, but those skirt amazingly with nail colors. I love how blue blouse is flattering

  20. And also those green dress! Adorable for summer !

  21. Have you bought something from this list?

  22. You're adorable!! Love love the peplum top! Looks great on you! New GFC follower!

  23. That peplum top is gorgeous. {and, what armpit fat?? for real??} :)
    New follower! Loving your blog.

  24. Gosh, I have not been to TJ Maxx in sooooo long (cuz it's a lot further for me than Target and the mall), but seeing your finds here and some other people's on Instagram gives me an itch to head over there! That dress looks fantastic on you. And armpit fat and thighs? GIRL, I worry about the exact same two things for myself but I have to keep reminding myself that NO ONE notices. To other people it ain't no thang, and personally I would not have thought anything about that for you. And even now that you said something I still don't even see any reason you should be self conscious. You look beautiful from head to toe!

  25. I have the same problem with shorts - my thighs are totally from my Mama! But you look fab - loved reading through this post and your thought process when buying clothes - I do the same things!! haha
    Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com