Neglected Dress

Dress: H&M, old
Blazer: H&M, $30
Purse: H&M, $28
Shoes: Old Navy, $17
Necklace: Forever 21, $2
Belt: Forever 21

This dress is one that's been hanging in my closet since my senior year in high school and has probably not been worn in at least 3 or 4 years. I bought it when I was a few pounds heavier, and it didn't fit great then, but I figured if I ever lost weight one day, I'd love the dress. Fast forward 4 years, and I've lost weight, and the dress still doesn't fit. BOO! Hand me those french fries.

Either way, I think this dress might just have to end up in the give away pile. I think it's quite visible (in the above photo) what the dress was doing all day long: riding up in the back because my butt is too big for it. So all day long at work (my last day as a receptionist before I become a big scary showing agent!), I was backing into corners to try and tug my dress back to a work-appropriate length and keep it from clinging to me. To no avail. Oh well. I know when to give up. 


  1. oh, the striped comfy dress that doesn't end up being so comfy. not that the fabric isn't soft and cozy, but the fit just never seems right. if i could find a striped comfy dress that fit 100%, i'd buy it in every single color.

    your make up looks so pretty. how you do that everyday, i'll never know.

    xo nicole

  2. Girl, every time I see your blog I'm struck by just how gorgeous you really are. Whether you think you are or not, I still think you're fabulous, and I adore you, I really do. I think that you are too hard on yourself, as we girls all are, but I just wanted you to know. And I know the feeling of the cute-but-ill-fitting dress...it sucks. Such a waste, in my book. Why even make the dress if only bean-poles can wear it? Keep it up, chick, you're an inspiration to me to put on something besided pajamas. :)

  3. Even though the dress doesn't fit right, you looked great and in the pics it doesn't even show. Love how the bag matched your outfit perfectly :)
    Beauty to Sparkle

  4. I when you love a piece but you just can't quite get it to fit right. It still looks great on you though. And I adore that pink bow belt!
    Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

  5. It looks fabulous on you!!

  6. So pretty! I think the dress looks like it fits you wonderfully in these photos.

  7. I think it looks like it fits just fine. But, if you're uncomfortable, that's a different story. I know what you mean! You look great, though!

  8. I think the dress is gorgeous! But I know what you mean about riding up in the back. I also feel like my butt makes all pencil skirts work inappropriate, but I can't help that I'm curvy!!!!!! Anyway, I think it is adorable, but if it is a pain in the BUTT to wear, then you aren't probably going to reach for it again in a really long time.

    AND YAY! Congrats! That's so exciting :)

  9. I think it looks fine, I can see this type of dress clinging. I like the print but if you have not worn it by all means try to sell it or give it away. Love the blazer though! Congrats on started your new position as an agent!!

    XO Chelsea http://shesaidhesaid-fashion.blogspot.com/

  10. Hmmm it IS a cute dress but I can see what you mean, and I think your decision to get rid of it is a good one. You still look awesome though!

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  12. Lovely dress, like how you combine it with these heels ;))

  13. Too bad you have neglected this dress Lynette because it is real cute & versatile with the Neutral Thin Stripes. I love it. I don't see it riding up in the back either. Anyway, if you feel it doesn't fit, then give it away. =)

    I would love to see you Style an outfit for my Birthday which is on May 4th. Because as you know I adore your style. E-Mail it to me by May 3rd. I will have a Special Post titled Blog Birthday Party running on May 5th with everyone's Birthday Outfits for My Birthday. For more E-Mail me at ada.furxhi(AT)gmail.com

    Thank You. Have a Great New Week, Ada. =)

  14. Cute outfit! I love ALL your outfits. So cute, and I love your blog.
    Wish you had Google Friend Connect so I can follow along!

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  15. Hmm, regardless I still think you look beautiful! Stripes are serious perfection on you, and that bow belt is so darling! Great look! PS congrats on the new job!! xo


    miss you.

  17. Hmm Lynette, i dont know what you are talking about. The dress paired with the belt and blazer looks great together, it might not look good by itself but I like the combo you are wearing here. I think even for the beack with a panama and some flip flops it would look cute :-)

    Congrats on the new job, I am not sure what a search agent is? :-)


  18. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this look! the dress is totally stunning on you, shouldn't be neglected anymore :)

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  19. i love the pink bow belt with this dress!