Channeling Britney.

Jean Jacket: Forever 21, $30
Dress: Marshalls, $17
Hat: Wet Seal, $11
Shoes: Fergalicious via Famous Footwear, $10
Necklace: Forever 21, old
Purse: Love Culture, $20

 So I've not actually worn this outfit yet, but it's been the outfit in the back of my head since I purchased this dress a few weeks ago, and I couldn't keep it in the confines of my closet anymore! I've been wanting a simple, black maxi dress for the spring and summer that I could dress up or dress down. I only have one other maxi dress and I really love the comfort and look of it, so this dress is a purchase I do not regret! The fedora is a newer purchase as well; one that I was not sure I really wanted to make, because there's something about a fedora that makes me think of Britney Spears circa the Kevin Federline years (which we all know was not a good look), but I like the look and fun touch of a fedora! So upon my head it will stay. Until I start shaving my head or marrying old friends in Vegas, anyway. Should those things start happening, I would stop taking advice from me.

This outfit was a little inspired by pretty little Danielle, so go check her out! I can't help but shamelessly brag about another blonde. You know blonde's have more fun, don't you?

Also, after the tornado watches floating around southeast Michigan yesterday, I felt the need to post photos featuring a happy, sunny outfit I plan to wear sometime this spring, probably on a day date out with the husband. And the good news is, the end of chilly weather is quickly approaching! I mean, there's no way Michigan could give us snow at the end of April, right...?


  1. I love wearing a maxi with a denim jacket, great everyday casual outfit!


  2. you seriously look amazing, Lynette! that fedora looks great on you (and definitely does not bring to mind the crazy Britney circa 2007-ish). I've come to the sad realization that I just do not look good in hats. boo. i can't wait to see how else you wear this dress!

    -Jenna Brianne

  3. We had tornado watches, too, and then there is a freeze warning for tonight. I literally saw snowflakes this afternoon (only because one of my students interrupted class, staring out the window, pointing, "It's snowing..." -- did I mention my students are college students?) It was only a few flakes. I was hoping today would be warm. It wasn't. Anyway, if I had a black maxi, this is how I would wear my denim jacket.

  4. Loving your outfit! Your dress is so cute and perfect for Spring! Also Lynette, I sent you e-mail awhile ago asking if you would gust post on my blog. Would you be interested?



  5. your hair looks so pretty here! i just curled my hair (so that i only have to touch it up in the morning. i'm SO not a morning person...) and i way over-curled it because i was jammin' to some old high school favorites like taking back sunday and fall out boy.

    sorry, the point of that is that you're far better at doing your hair than i am. may i borrow your powers for a moment, fellow blonde, to sort these curls out?

    also, i'll be copying this outfit (and danielle's) in the coming weeks if it ever decides to stop raining and being all crazy here. a copy of a copy is still legit, right?

    xo nicole

  6. I think fedoras are so cute, but I feel awkward wearing hats anywhere! We definitely got snow today, but I am hoping it melts tomorrow. I'm so ready for spring!

  7. Ahhh obsessed with this. So comfy yet put together! And you totally remind me of BritBrit. In the best way possible.

    A Devine Life

  8. I really love your wedges! They are on my wishlist. I can't seem to find a pair here in SA. Its a great summer outfit you've put together!

  9. LOVE this whole look, including the fedora! And your makeup looks so pretty here :)


  10. fedoras forever <3


  11. great look, love the pop of color!!!
    If you want we can follow each other, it would be great for me, tell me what do you think!!!

  12. Oh yes, blondes do have more fun! :) I love a good black maxi dress! So stylish and comfy all at once. And I love the pop of pink with that bag!

  13. Very pretty! I think I've got to try a maxi again. Since I'm only 5'4" they pretty much swallow me, but you look so cute, it inspires me to try again. :) have a great weekend!

  14. I love the simpliness of this maxi dress, you pulled it perfectly together with the denim and the fedora Lynette :-) Your hair always looks so pretty :-)


  15. Blondes DO have more fun. It's the truth.
    You look so pretty in this! And speaking of Britney, anyone ever told you that you look like her? You kinda do. I hope you don't take offense to that! Britney has had her pretty days! (the picture you linked though, DEF. not her good days! Lol!) It's kinda my thing to pick out celebrity doppelgangers.. yours is Britney fersuree. I've been told mine is Aly Michalka.

  16. Lovely combo with the pop of color in your bag & nails. :)


  17. Really pretty outfit and I love how you did your eye make-up.

  18. OK, I just caught up on your blog. This is my favorite outfit you have worn as of late. I love it, Britney Spears or not. And the Danielle outfit you got inspiration from, I also featured in one of my Weekly's Best Posts. I also featured both of your Colorful Blazers last week, loved all ensembles with your Pink Blazer. Check out that post. And yes, you have been too picky about your outfits lately. I seriously think you looked great in the Navy Blazer & Yellow Hi-Lo Dress. The patterned skirt though cute, that weird front seam would have bugged me too.

    Also, congratulations on your Real Estate License. You must be one of the youngest in your field. That is quite an accomplishment. =)

    One more thing, I will be in Michigan and staying super-close to the Novi area for the entire summer. There are quite a few bloggers from Michigan actually. Maybe we should organize a Blogger Meet-Up. Would you be interested? Please respond back in regards to this, thanks.

    I miss you on my page. Have a Great Weekend, Ada. =)

  19. This reminds me that I need a bright pink purse! Your outfit is great!


  20. This is the quintessential (am I using the right word?) Spring/Summer look:)! I love it! You got your real estate license girl?!! HOW COOL:)))! CONGRATS! SOOO AWESOME:)! WELCOME TO REAL ESTATE!

  21. I LOVE your dress! Maxi dresses are so easy and comfortable, and a solid black on like this will be fun to accessorize and wear all summer long :) I love how it looks with your denim jacket, too. Also, I still love your wedges. LOVE, I tell you.

  22. Love it! And DUH blondes have more fun! :)


  23. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT, this is something I would wear exactly from head to toe, as well as own everything except the pink purse which I may have in yellow :) LOVE LOVE LOVE! Maxi dresses and fedoras just mesh well.

    Xo Chelsea http://shesaidhesaid-fashion.blogspot.com/

  24. Lynette!

    You look STUNNING ahhh!! I looove this outfit so much. Britney definitely. I love her and I soo love fedoras. So cute and laid back!!

    XO Jenna

  25. Love the bright pink purse with the black dress! Really makes the outfit pop. I am hosting a jewelry giveaway…tomorrow is the last day to enter. Would love if you stopped by!

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