Spring is confusing to my wardrobe.

Top: H&M, $12
Skirt: Marshalls, $17
Necklace: Forever 21, $6
Heels: Target, $15
Purse: H&M, $28

I forgot to mention it in yesterday's post, but I also purchased this patterned black and white skirt at TJ Maxx on my little excursion. I was pretty dang proud of this little outfit when I stepped out in it this morning. There's something about a new clothing piece that makes an outfit relatively exciting, huh? But after a day of wearing this outfit, I can see the potential of the problems I ended up encountering this day in these photographs.

For one, this black shirt that used to be quite tight is now kind of baggy. I'm not saying I need things to be skin tight, but I didn't anticipate it looking so loose around my shoulders, and the capability of so many wrinkles in the fabric around my stomach. The skirt is already about a half size too big, which I figured meant it would be more comfortable, but it actually just means it rides up when I walk and looks a little frumpy around my waist. Which was exceptionally uncomfortable as I walked around at work, tugging at my skirt to keep it down at my hip bones as opposed to cutting me off mid-torso and looking extra weird. Eep. Not the funnest outfit to wear. I think I'm going to have to stick with wearing a blazer or sweater or un-tucked shirt with this skirt!

I feel like I've been nit-picking all of my outfits lately! I don't mean to be such a fashion drag. I just don't know what's up with my clothing choices lately. I also realized I've done a lot of returning this month. This dress, this blazer (don't be mad, I know you all loved it, just wasn't working for me!), the patterned skirt I just showed you all (the pattern alignment in the front is off). And today, had I still had the tags on this skirt, it might've gone back as well. I feel like spring and summer clothes and outfits are a confusing subject for me, and I feel this ridiculous pressure (self-imposed, of course) to GET ALL THE SPRING THINGS. Part of me wants to impose a little shopping ban so I get in control of my weird and spastic spending, but part of me knows that fashion is just not something that comes naturally to me most of the time. SURPRISE! Yes, I run a style blog and I don't think I'm the greatest dresser in the world. But this blog is less about show and tell and more about "Hey, let's talk about my clothes and help each other try current trends & not look stupid while doing it." with an occasional cameo of "this outfit is just cute and I know it, admire with me, friends."

Yeah, I think I like that.


  1. Great Outfit, like the pop of color with the heels.

  2. You know what? I didn't notice any of those things until you mentioned them. But I do understand that I'm just looking at a few pics while you are actually walking, breathing and going through a real day in that outfit. I have been going through the same problem but I hate returning things so I just keep 'em. But I'm working on that. What I've been doing and it really has been helping is I have a list of clothes I want/need and if its not on the list I don't buy it. I really hope that helps. I'm happy to email you my list if you want a better explanation.

  3. Don't feel bad - this happens to all of us! I literally have 3 returns sitting in my car right now. And it always bums me out when I think I'm going to love something and I remove the tags and then I find out after wearing it that it's not so great. One thing I do for skirts that don't fit perfectly is have them altered. If you can find a good tailor in your area, it's definitely worth a little extra money! :)


  4. This skirt is so cute! I need to go to my local TJ Maxx/Marshalls ASAP!

  5. Lovin your necklace! The skirt looks so great on you to despite it being a little big:)
    I've change my name and look and I am celebrating with a giveaway!

  6. I think this outfit looks great! But I know what you mean. I have some jeans that are so cute but start busting a sag after I wear them for a long time. Annoying.


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  7. I think it looks good and I say if you're not happy with it, get it altered or grab the tags outta the trash and return it! :o) Clothing is too expensive to be disastisfied.

  8. I wouldn't have noticed any of those things that you've mentioned about this outfit. And I still sorta don't see them. I understand the annoyance about pulling your skirt down because it was riding up. But c'mon we are gonna get lap wrinkles if you ever sit down (how dare you! haha) I think this outfit is lovely, and you aways look gorgeous. You are too hard on yourself and your clothes!
    But I feel the same way about spring style. I do not want to buy a bunch of new stuff just because everyone else looks great. I really only pick up things I feel like I could wear well into the summer. Otherwise I've been trying to work with what I've got, but it can be a little confusing.

  9. Well the pictures still look great! But it is super annoying to pull down on your skirt all the time haha. I love your heels too! Such a pretty color. And I have kind of been in a fashion drag too. I tried to do the bare legs thing but I was freezing at work all the time. I just need it to warm up :(

  10. I love the black and white with the pop of bright pink for Spring. It's classy and fun with the pink!

  11. Cute outfit! Loving the pop of color with your heals. Definitely understand the skirt issues...I have that problem a lot. Annoying as all get out. :-/

  12. i really really love this outfit. however, if things are bunching and riding and making you generally uncomfortable, it's a no go. don't you ever get rid of those heels.

    xo nicole

  13. I have the same problem with skirts. I think that's just what comes with having a small waist paired with big thighs and booty. We can complain all we want, but so many would kill to have our problem! ;)

  14. I love your take on fashion blogging! It's so...real! Sounds like you need a friend to go shopping with :) The true honest kind of friend!

  15. Such a bummer that the skirt didn't work well throughout the day because it's SO cute in these pics! That's seriously the worst though - having bunchy, ride-up, ill-fitting skirts. One of my FAVORITE Anthro skirts does this weird bunchy thing and I wear it anyway. I'm pretty sure no one at work notices. At least I hope they don't. :)


  16. I think the outfit looks good on you! But I totally know what you mean about skirts that don't sit properly, ugh those are the worst.

    Your necklace is gorg!