Sweater: H&M Skirt: Thrifted Necklace: Forever 21 Heels: Target Purse: London Fog via Burlington Coat Factory

Just so we keep things nice and honest around here, I did not end up wearing this exact outfit today. At the last minute, I decided that the skirt was just a touch too short to be considered office appropriate, and I ended up changing into a longer skirt. But I really hope I can find a place to wear this outfit, because this is one of exactly two outfits I have been able to come up with for this skirt (the other can be seen here). 

I got the skirt because it was one of the least ugly things I could find when I first (and last) tried shopping at a thrift store (and by thrift store I mean consignment shop). Husband didn't like the skirt, and I think I just liked the color, without realizing the style might be a few years old, so I bought it. But I actually liked this possibly-outdated-layered-skirt situation paired with my favorite sweater from H&M (which I purchased this season and I've seen in other fun colors like indigo and emerald, and I'm considering picking them up too because I just love this sweater!).  And the giant necklace (the one I so lovingly refer to around my apartment as "my fishtail necklace") kind of makes this outfit look holiday party-esque. So maybe I will find a way to wear it to one of the three holiday party's I'll be going to this year (doesn't that make me sound so popular? One work party a piece for myself and my husband, and a family party. Has there ever been anyone more socially active than me?).


  1. i love that skirt, and i think it's wildly flattering on your legs! the color screams to be paired with navy, so maybe a sparkly top underneath your lovely navy coat? oooh or the jade top you wore the other day with your cap-toe heels! ooor with your black cowl-neck sweater and your silver leopard heels! yep, i just went back into your archives to look for ways to style that skirt so that you'll keep it. no shame.

    xo nicole

  2. I think that skirt looks great on you and is a perfect color. Maybe if you paired it with some opaque tights it might make it a bit more appropriate for the office? I've never worked in a super strict office though, so I don't know if that helps!

  3. I really love the skirt! And the fact you thrifted it! And ugh I have a few skirts that are definitely on the line of well I could wear this to work, but should I? I usually don't (or now I do with opaque tights) but I LOVE the way you styled it regardless of if you wore it today or not! :) Also, I must go out and buy this sweater and heels right meow. I meowed because you have a cute kitty :) and thought you might appreciate it.

    But seriously. Gosh darnit, so pretty! ALWAYS SO PRETTY!

  4. I think the skirt is cute! And can totally be office appropriate with some tights when it gets cold ;) Are tiered skirts totally dated? I'm so behind on the times! :(

  5. I've been meaning to say hi and welcome back! Finally got the chance! Girl...I was looking through your older photos and your body looks absolutely amazing! Can you rub off on me. Please. Thank you. Love the cream colored sweater with the pink skirt (great thrift shop find:)!

  6. I do love the skirt, I have a tiered one that I wear quite often. Love how you paired the outfit here. The colors go very well. And you are very pretty :). I can totally see why you considered this office inappropriate, I would have done the same, but like the other commented mentioned, with opaque tights, I think it would rock. :)
    Stopping by from http://willfullyelegant.com/

  7. Wow! Love this look! You look absolutely STUNNING!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  8. I think the skirt is beautiful, and pairing it with that cozy and elegant sweater was perfect. This is a great look.

  9. Girl, you are stunning!! And I loved the honesty. I think you did a great job of updating it in this outfit, and I think it could work for the office :)


  10. I think tiered skirts and dresses are not out-dated. Love the color of yours and that sparkly necklace. I seriously love the Sweater so much and would pick it up in Indigo and Emerald myself.

    Also, when you get a minute I'd love for you to stop by the blog and see the latest from me and the baby. If we don't talk before that Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours.

  11. I think this looks great! You look so pretty. Definitely a great holiday look.


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  12. again, you look amazing! very pretty outfit!