Open House Apparel.

Top: Gap Skirt: Windsor Scarf: Rue 21 Belt: Charlotte Russe Shoes: Shoedazzle Earrings: Francesca's

A few things.

1. I wore this outfit when I held an open house this past weekend. I've learned a few lessons from the few open houses I've held, and rule #1 is this: don't wear heels (rule #2 is to try and sell the house, but I mean, first things first).

2. I still am not a fan of how I look in flats. I guess because I've worn heels 4+ days a week for the last three years of my life, and so I'm used to passing my reflection and seeing a wonderful, proportionate 5'11 glass of water. Flats make me feel... stumpy. I'm not body snarking, I swear. Just sending out the wish into the Universe that I'd like to be about 5 inches taller.

3. You can only catch a glimpse of the earrings I'm wearing (third photo), but I just bought them a week ago and fell madly in love with them, only to realize today I've lost one of them. It could be anywhere, honestly. This is why I can't have nice things. It's truly a miracle that I get myself out of my apartment every morning and back into it at night in one piece. Sans one earring, I guess. :( So if anyone sees a pretty, gold earring lying around, let me know, it's mine. Also if anyone has seen any stray cats anywhere, those are mine too.



  1. That is a pretty earring! I have had way too many earrings fall out of my ear randomly, only to be lost forever. Sad. Anyway, I adore that scarf. It must be tough seeing things from 5" below where you're used to seeing things! ha

  2. I'm always losing one earring. That is why I don't buy real gold or expensive ones

  3. So beautiful!! Love the mustard scarf.

  4. Love the pop of color that the scarf adds to this and the metal belt is tres chic!


  5. I definitely understand what you mean about wearing flats, lol! I absolutely love how I look and feel in heels, but they're not exactly the most practical when you live in New York and walk atleast 3 or 4 miles a day on bumpy sidewalks and cracked cement. I've been pretty much living in flats lately, and am loving how much more comfortable they are though.

    Just for the record - you still look amazing with or without heels! (:


  6. I looked at the first picture and thought, "damn, I wish my lower half looked that good in a skirt. I want to know her workout plan." And then I read what you said about your wearing flats. Pish posh.

    Also, want to know where I always find my "lost" earrings? Inside of my scarves...especially ones exactly like the one you're wearing. Double check to make sure it didn't get trapped inside of that bad boy. Or, make sure it's not lying on the floor where you took off the scarf. Sounds crazy, but I almost always find my delinquent earrings there. And crumbs. Lots of crumbs in those scarves. If they had feelings, I bet they'd hate me.

  7. I feel the same way about flats. I'm having to get used to them now that I walk around a hospital 8 hours a day, but they still make me feel short and stumpy. An extra four inches of height sure would be nice...

  8. Great look, bummer about the earring :( I only wear my diamond studs with a twist off back, otherwise I'd constantly be walking around wearing only one earring...

  9. You're looking long and lean in that outfit, flats and all!

  10. Lynette, that chartreuse scarf gives your look that nice pop of color, such a great color to give fall looks that extra kick. Did you double check if your earring is not stucked in that scarf? ;-) or in the 10002355 scarfs you have? :-P
    Maybe you feel better when I tell you that I loose them all the time too ;-), that sucks but that way it's justified to get other pretty ones, right? Too bad they don't have a sensor or sth that they can be called and we can find them that way. Yeah I hear you with flats. Skirts and heels belong together for petite women as the amen in church. I dont like wearing flats with skirts either ALSO I must say, you make such a good figure in it :-)

    I am having a give away and link up on statement necklaces on december 1st, would be glad if you participate dear :-)

  11. Hey pretty lady!!!!!! Love your outfit, stripes and leopard are the best! Also, DANG you look soooooooooo good. Those legs in that skirt OW OWWWWWWWW

  12. I agree, flats aren't as flattering as heels, but if we're being real, most of us can't wear heels all day. I teach and although my pencil skirts would be much cuter with heels it ain't happening. I think you look fabulous flats or heels and I love this outfit.

  13. Okay, first of all, you look GREAT in those flats! Also, I'm madly in love with that top. I want it STAT.