Black & Blue

Top: TJ Maxx Skirt: Charlotte Russe Heels: Target Jacket: TJ Maxx

Sorry for my mini blog absence for the last couple of weeks! I'm still trying to pull myself back into the swing of regular blogging. I know it's a matter of making the time for it, which shouldn't be as hard as it's been because I love doing this. But bear with me! :)

One of the many perks (or something) of blogging is being able to see photographs of your clothes on your body. I think it's a bit more realistic than the mirror. Maybe? One thing the mirror did NOT tell me about this outfit that these photographs are telling me loudly & clearly is that this skirt does not fit as well as it used to. I blame all the squats in the gym, making my butt and quads fill out this skirt. Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking with it. You guys would tell me if I was getting fat, right? ;) 

I kid, I kid. <3


  1. Love the black and blue combination. I noticed that you are getting more sculpted! Good for you <3 I need to start hitting up the gym myself and getting toned like I once was

    Des Simple Charm Beauty

  2. I'm just gonna say what we are all thinking: you have put on the pounds. like whoa. lay of the cake, tubs.
    jk. you are so toned and pretty and we are all over here just thinking dayyyyum (damn) girl, you look fine. (or maybe it's just what I'm thinking?)

  3. I was thinking ...could it be baby fat?!?!

    Joking, girl bye you look fab!

  4. OH girl, you are funny ;) The skirt fits you WELL. And you look freakin' amazing :) I love the blue on you and I'm starting to think I really need to get those heels!

    I wasn't worried, I knew you would get to it :) I am also doing outfit posts less regularly because it has been hard to stick to a schedule. Anyway, YAY! Here you are again :)

  5. Girl that skirt looks FABULOUS on you! I wish I was as in shape as you are! And black and cobalt?! These are my two favorite colors of the season! Love them in this pairing! This looks really expensive, but for a less price! True meaning of fashionista.

    Erin @ alovelylyfe.blogspot.com

  6. This is such a gorgeous combo! You look amazing!


  7. Love the color combination and the detailing on your top. Also, please, you look AMAZING in that skirt! For serious!

  8. I’ve chosen this to be one of my “What I Love” looks for this week. I hope you'll keep an eye out on my blog tomorrow.


  9. You absolutely look terrific from head to toe.....love everything you put together to achieve this look!


  10. Love love! Can we talk about how I love to see an update from you in my feed? Thrilled that you are back ;)


  11. I actually had to buy some pencil skirts in larger sizes for that very same reason! The waist in my old ones fit fine, but the booty and quads were doing something special to the rest of the skirts.

  12. I'd say that it fits quite nicely and it's a very nice color! :)
    I have had similar problems with skirts, but even though my intense workouts, I bet it's all that cookies and cream ice cream and Holiday treats I've been having, not the workout, so I don't feel so good ;D

    xo Kat / fourteen5.blogspot.com

  13. Hey workout woman muscle queen, please put your face/outfits back on my feed. Thanks ;)

  14. I love this outfit - so sleek! And that blue is such a pretty shade. You look gorgeous girl (as always)! And my butt and thighs have gotten bigger from working out too...isn't it supposed to do the opposite? haha.


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  16. I am loving black and blue lately! This outfit is gorgeous on you and completely shows off your rocking curves!