Navy 2.0

Jacket: c/o Charlotte Russe (same) Top: H&M Skirt: Windsor Necklace: c/o Charlotte Russe (sameShoes: c/o Charlotte Russe (sameBracelet: c/o Charlotte Russe (same) Purse: London Fog via Burlington Coat Factory

Last year sometime I bought a navy blazer due to blog-y peer pressure (you know, them feels that make you feel like you need to buy something because every other blogger has one), and after fighting to come up with one single outfit with it, I returned it. I figured navy and I were just not meant to be. Until recently, when I started seeing navy jackets around and falling in love with how classic they looked. Wouldn't luck have it that Charlotte Russe would send me this lovely gem? The gold zipper down the front is just dreamy. And it's not as hard to come up with ways to wear navy as I remember last year. Probably because this time around, I threw caution to the wind and said "I can wear navy with black. I can and I will." And I did.


  1. This blazer is SO CUTE! I love anything with a zipper detail, so this is definitely dreamy. Love your bracelet too!

  2. Love this modern twist on the navy blazer! It looks great with that cognac purse.

  3. Ya know I actually thought about wearing a navy shirt with some black and white leggings the other day, and I was totally going to be breaking the #2 rule (#1 is no brown and black) I attempted to teach my husband all this time. After seeing you wear it, it's totally do-able.
    And that jacket is fabulous. I definitely thought about ordering it, but I'm just too weird about navy with certain shades of jean.
    And to be honest, If I saw that necklace in the store, I'd totally think it was ghetto fabulous, but you wore it so classy!

    <3 danielle

  4. Ok. You have the most absolute stunning collection of heels. I have some serious envy!