Ipsy (My Glam Bag) December 2012

For those of you who don't know, I am beauty product obsessed and don't subscribe to just one but two monthly beauty subscription services. Some may call it obsessive. I call it keeping my options open. Or something like that.

One perk about this month's bag? Three full size items, and two items that might as well be full size because they're that generous. What? Is this real life?

Click the "read more" link to see what was in my Ipsy bag this month!

One nice thing about Ipsy is that they send their makeup samples in a makeup bag. I mean, it's actually not a perk for me because I can't stand having 234234 makeup bags lying around that I won't use, but I suppose they could come in handy for something.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero (full size is $19)

I was super excited to get this, even though I rarely use pencil liner anymore other than on my lower lash line(I generally use felt-tip eyeliner pens or gel liner). I'm always looking for something that won't budge on my lower lash line, because even most waterproof liners don't stay. This seems to do quite well for me! And it's super jet black, which I also love. I have it swatched in the last photo of this post. 

Mai Couture Highlighter Papier in St. Barts (full size is $28)

I know a lot of people were into this, but so far, I'm just not. So I don't mind that this wasn't a full size product (25 sheets vs. 50 sheets in a full size). It's literally like a blotting sheet with makeup on it. The application isn't difficult or anything, and the pigmentation is fine. I just can't get into makeup from a sheet. Also, the color was too dark for a highlighter for me, and too orange and shimmery to be a bronzer. What's the point? Anyway. This is swatched in the last photo in this post as well.

 NYX Loose Pearl Shadow in Yellow Gold (full size is $3)

Not mad about another full size product! Even if this one was only worth $3. I really like NYX products. Though I'm going to have to work with this one. I love gold, but pigments kinda scare me. Seems like a great way for me to make a big mess all over my face. This is also swatched in the last photo of this post.

 Mirabella Prime For Face & Eyes primer.(full size is $29)

Don't have much to say about this, to be honest! I'm really in love with my POREfessional primer by Benefit Cosmetics, so I'm not even motivated to try this out. Maybe one day! It's full size, so that's great!

Be A Bombshell lipgloss in Hot Mess (full size is $14)

A+ Ipsy for another full size products in this bag! That makes three full size products. Which is awesome. The color of this gloss is gorgeous, a bright, festive red, and with quite good coverage for a gloss! Definitely would be gorgeous over a red lip liner or even on it's own for a pretty pop of color! This is swatched in the photo below:

NYX loose pearl shadow in Yellow Gold,
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero,
Mai Couture Highlighting Paper in St. Barts,
Be A Bombshell lipgloss in Hot Mess
So that's it for December's Ipsy bag! This is only my second bag, but I'm still pretty impressed! The products don't seem to be as high-end or well known as Birchbox's most of the time, but I'm not above getting full sized mid-range products for $10 a month! Carry on, Ipsy. 


  1. Um, so fun! I really need to get on the whole beauty subscription service thing - I love mail and I love beauty, so it just makes sense, right? Right.


    1. YES YES YES! Honestly. For a while I was like "Ehhh ten dollars a month? Whatever, beauty samples should be free." Until I signed up for Birchbox on a whim. And my life was forever changed. I'm not even being dramatic. Well, maybe a little. But seriously. It's so fun! :)

  2. I'm waiting for my first birchbox in the mail, so I don't really know what to expect other than what I've seen on blogs. This bag looks great though. Full size products every month? Yes please! I would love to give that Red lip gloss a go.


    1. Ipsy is great if you really want full sized products. Although Birchbox, when they do send a full size product, it'll be a fantastic product, not something that retails for $3 or $14. I'd definitely pick BB over Ipsy, because of the quality and the points system, but nothing wrong with having two beauty box subscriptions.. right? ;)

  3. That NYx pigment looks fab! www.thisgirllovesfashion.blogspot.com xxx

    1. It's pretty great, especially for such a sparkly time of year! ;)

  4. this looks great, love teh packaging too x


  5. Lovely stuff and thanks a bunch for stopping by and commenting!
    Loving your fab blog and following you now on GFC (Juneli#37)!
    Hoping to hear from you soon!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

    1. Thanks, Juneli! :) Following you on GFC as well. :)

  6. I love all of these items, I have the urban decay eyeliner, swear by it!! I love the packaging, so unique! Happy Holidays Lynette!!

    XO http://shesaidhesaid-fashion.blogspot.com/

  7. Newest follower!

  8. Okay, this is my second month now to lust over another blogger's Ipsy subscription. I need to jump on this train. I was just always nervous to try one out because I' know some can be hit or miss...it seems like Ipsy is a pretty good option though!


    1. GET IT, GIRL! Ipsy seems to never really be a "miss", because they generally always have full sized products and their usually good, even though not usually high end. But still no complaints! It's funnnnnn get itttt! :)

  9. Ooooh! I've always wanted to subscribe to one of these services, but I never knew what was inside! I'm loving these colors, so perfect for the season :)

    So excited to follow along with your adventures Lynette!


    1. Monthly beauty subscriptions are the best! I'm obsessed. :) And thanks!

  10. I think the eyeliner made the whole thing worth it xx