High Five for Friday!

It's that time again, people! Linking up with Lauren from From My Grey Desk Blog. Highlights of my week:

1. This past Sunday I was in a Christmas concert at my church. It was a blast! One thing I've not really mentioned on the blog is that I sing on the praise and worship team at my church, and I love it!  

2. By day 4 of not washing my hair, all my hair is willing to do is this: sock bun. I'm getting better 'n better at it daily. I think. At least you can't see the sock this time..

3. 25 calorie hot chocolate and all the mini marshmallows you could dream of?! YES, YES, YES! My favorite way to "indulge" on my FAVORITE holiday treat as of lately! 

4. After giving Rue 21 a little bit of a bad rap in this post recently, I decided to stop by there this week and see if they had anything that drew my eye. Guys, I got a pair of boots, a cowl neck scarf, a necklace, a watch, a bracelet and two pairs of earrings for under $50. Rue 21, you have formed a loyal fan. I cannot stop.

5. In attempts to fight back the typical holiday weight gain, I've been trying to step up my game at the gym. Which means the treadmill. What else were you thinking? I love working out, but timing my miles has never really been my thing. Until tonight. When my first mile was 14 1/2 minutes. And I threatened myself that I was going to post this on the blog, so my next mile better be good. Hence, the next mile: an 11 1/2 minute mile. Nothing keeps you accountable like posting all your biz on the Internetz!

Anyone else trying to fight off the inevitable holiday weight gain? I was starving after my workout today (I burned over 600 calories!), so I came home and my husband cooked this high-protein/low-carb meal for me:

Broccoli with cheese sauce, scrambled eggs & turkey bacon.

Weird dinner? Maybe. Under 400 calories, nutritious and delicious? Yes, yes, and yes.


  1. Your hair looks great for not being washed for 4 days! P.S. Love your blog design. ;)

    1. Haha oh jeez.. only because it's slicked back and stuck into a bun. LOL. Thank you though!! :)

  2. That's cool that you sing in the worship band at church! I did the same thing in years past, but don't have the time to devote for practice during the week now that I'm a mom. I think I'll live vicariously through you :)

    1. I honestly love it, and it's a great outlet for my desire to sing, and my desire to worship God! :)

  3. your breakfast looks so delish! and loving your blog!

    xo Cassy

  4. Oh man, tomorrow starts the two-week countdown til I'm in my bestie's wedding and I am NOT looking forward to elliptical time. You are my inspiration!!! This summer Boyfriend and I took the dog for a run, and I was like, CRAP, why is this so hard?! It's only a mile! And then I looked at my watch and realized that WE RAN IT IN 8 1/2 MINUTES. It was theeeeee worst.

    Samantha @ Sam ipsa loquitur

    1. Haha oh wow! I didn't even try to attempt to get under 11 minutes with my mile. Too much for this non-competetive runner!

      Not to toot my own horn or anything, but maybe this will inspire you or help you, Sam:

      I feel like such a loser being like GO LOOK AT HOW I GOT SKINNY AND BE IMPRESSED! But I don't know, maybe it'll help! Getting in shape sucks and my natural state is to abhor working out and eating healthy. So yeah. Yeah! :)

  5. Cudos on your sock bun! My sock ALWAYS shows. I think I need to get a hair-colored sock.


    Kristina does the Internets

    1. Hahaha I've tried.. but the closest thing I have is a light yellow/lime colored sock. Not a good mix with blonde hair! I think having thin hair is just not good for sock buns..

  6. I love the sock bun! I haven't given it a try yet, defiantly on my to do list.


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  8. Hi there! I'm Hanna! I found your LOVELY blog on the hippity hop!!! Now your newest follower!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! You can find me anytime at www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com

    xooxxo Hanna

    1. I was actually going through your blog for nearly a half hour last night. All those weight loss posts are so unbelievably inspiring! Following you as well! :)

  9. Love the boots!