High Five for Friday!

Another week of High Five for Friday! Linked up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk blog. Here a few of my favorite things from this week :)

1. That hot guy right there is my husband, Matt, and yes, he has my purse draped around his neck and is carrying my clothes as I shop. He is my favorite person ever to shop with because he absolutely insists on carrying my purse and clothes so that I'm free to shop. I don't argue. ;)

2. If you are unable to tell, that is me wearing a cape. When the broker at your office buys you a cape with the company's name on it, you put that cape on and wear it like you're proud. No questions asked.

3. I already talked about this purse earlier this week. I found this beauty for under $9 at Target, and I'm obsessed. It's big, it's structured, and it's leopard print. Three things I can't say no to in a purse!

4. I didn't mention it, but I also got this planner from Target. Isn't it darling, and super Kate Spade-esque? They had white and gold striped ones, red ones with gold polka dots, etc. And only $7.99. If you're like me and can't function in daily life without a planner to refer to, you should pick one of these up!

5. In the months that Matt and I were engaged, we watched wedding shows constantly. To the point where Matt knows way more about dress fittings and flowers than any man should have to know. Now that we're married, we've moved onto a show about buying houses & fixing up houses. Matt is gaining his manhood back by the episode, and I just really enjoy this show. Anyone else addicted to home buying/selling/redecorating shows?!


  1. Wow, props to your hubby for carrying your stuff! I do not foresee my husband doing that. Ever.

  2. Your cape is hilarious. I love that Target purse! What a steal!


    1. Haha, thanks! My broker was quite sad I wasn't wearing it at work again. And that purse, ugh, it is giving me LIFE. LOVE IT. <3

  3. Target is spot on right now! They have such cute stuff out! Stopping by from Friday's link-up! Have a fabulous weekend! =)

  4. nice pics:)love the bag!

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