Top: Forever 21 Shorts: Forever 21(same) Necklace: Gift Shoes: Fergalicious via Famous Footwear Sunglasses: Clothes Mentor Purse: London Fog via Burlington Coat Factory

Two things that I have always been pretty certain would never grace my closet were light-colored denim and short shorts. We've been over this. But I was at Forever 21 the other day, and my husband spotted these little shorts and begged me to try them on. Sometimes I will try on hideous clothes for my husband just to appease him (and trust me, some things are much more hideous than these pink shorts could've potentially been...), and that's what I thought these shorts would be. But surprisingly, I didn't hate them. And when it comes to shorts, my standard basically is "not hate". If they meet that standard, I will buy them. Unfortunately, only two have made the cut (see Exhibit A), but summer is not over yet! I can almost smell the end-of-summer shorts clearance at my local Old Navy...

Oh and here. A face made to appease my husband. Because that is what good wives do.


  1. love this outfit, Lynette! the shorts look great on you!! I hate shorts too, so maybe I should check out Forever 21 for one I wont loathe ;)

    <3 Jenna Brianne

  2. Your husband has good taste. Love the shorts on you :)

  3. You are so freaking cute. Those shorts are awesome, and I really love how the pink and navy look together! Tell your husband he has great taste :)

  4. Love this! The colors together are perfect :) I have a pair of shorts very similar (from American Eagle) and I adore them!

    Xo, Kelsey

  5. Love the necklace, you look really pretty. I love the shot with no shoes on ;)

  6. Lynette, those soft pink shorts are super cute and even cuter with the sheer polka dotted blouse, it gives your look that soft touch :-)


  7. LOL you are too funny Lynette. That last photo is priceless. Your husband is a lucky man! :P. Lovely outfit. I am glad you tried on those shorts. SO cute for the summer months! xo

  8. Hahaha, so cute :) THOSE SHORTS LOOK AMAZING ON YOU! Good thing your husband made you try them on :) Gotta show off those amazing legs of yours!

  9. Your outfit is darling, and I think it's so adorable that your husband picks out clothes for you to try on :)

  10. Love this outfit! The navy with the pink is a great combo!


  11. I only own two pairs of shorts, and only because the husband talked me into them! Shorts that fit right and look good are hard to find, it's awesome that you found a pair you can live with!

  12. I totally hear you on only wanting to wear shorts. Im used to being in pencil skirts and professional wear during the school year but now as a teacher on summer break (woo hoo) all I want is to wear shorts.
    By the way my husband likes to make it look like things are coming out of my head in my blog pictures (smoke stacks, palm trees) so be happy all yours makes you do is smile! You look perfectly casual cute in your pink and polkadots!

  13. This styling is PERFECTO!
    Love love love it. AND you are super gorgeous:)
    Glad I stumbled upon your little space here.

    Happy Sunday
    Stop by for a visit.