Golden Corral.

Cardigan: Old Navy Tank: H&M Shorts: Love Culture Sandals: Forever 21 Purse: H&M Earrings: Claires

This is my last outfit I photographed from vacation! And also proof to all of you that my legs aren't as skinny as many of you seem to think. I just regularly turn myself into a giant optical illusion by wearing 5 inch heels, leading you to believe that my legs are five inches longer than they are. But alas, the truth is out: I am only 5'6" (most days). And not pencil thin. I hope you're not mad. I'm honest about just about everything else on the blog. Mostly.

I wore this out on a hot day in Tennessee with my family. We went to a rainforest zoo and then ate at a buffet called Golden Corral, which is where the best humans America has to offer come together to eat everything in sight. Buffet's are not safe for me. I remind myself of what my vet said about my parent's dog a few years back: that you can't just leave food out for her because she will literally eat until she dies. She need someone to portion out her food, or else she'll never know to stop eating. I'm kind of like a dog. You can't just release me into a never-ending supply of food. I don't know when to stop. Usually my husband has to intervene, and often tears and stomach aches are involved. It's fun for everyone. 

Now that I've disgusted you all, I hope you're having a great Wednesday! :)


  1. Um, your legs are every bit as skinny as I imagined - with or without heels, silly girl. Cute look. :)


  2. Lol oh Lynette :) YOUR LEGS ARE SKINNY and toned and beautiful! And I wear heels to give off the same illusion, even though I am tall, my legs are not skinny :( Big and working on them being toned... anyway! You look gorgeous! Sounds like a lot of fun and buffets although delicious can be awful. I don't know when to stop either :(

  3. Haha - you totally had me cracking up about the buffet! I am kind of the same way - my eyes are bigger than my stomach! :)


  4. I have to agree with the above comments - your legs are NOT "not skinny", they look completely normal/thin!

    Golden Corral is a ridiculous restaurant! My father-in-law always wants to go there, but I'm not a fan of buffets, and the one near us isn't the classiest place around.

  5. We had a Golden Corral where I grew up and for the LONGEST time I called it Golden Cow because that's what I heard when people said it. It was closed and another one opened just a few years ago. I told my mom that I'd like to eat there, I had never been before. She said, we went there all the time when you were a kid. And then it all clicked.

    Sorry for the long story that had nothing to do with your cute outfit, but I had to share it.

  6. i love golden corral and you and this outfit. mostly you, but also golden corral a lot a lot.

    xo nicole

  7. Too funny! My husband was in a Golden Corral in Tennessee (either Pigeon Forge or Sevierville) over Memorial Day weekend-- what if you two were at the same one at the same time?!

    Side note: really digging the red, white, and black together. May have to copy-- even though I just wore coral, white, and red. Meh, let's be real. Red and coral are two completely different colors.

  8. Lynette, 3 things:

    1. I Love the Sandals & Purse.
    2. I miss you over on my blog.
    3. Check this out:


    Take Care & Enjoy the Weekend!!

  9. I would kill for your legs. Also, I totally laughed when you said you're like a dog, haha. I'm the same way...I do completely fine during the week when I am away from home and have a limited amount of food to eat (whatever I pack for school and work), but on weekends? I want to eat all the things. Gross.