His & Her Perspective: Our Wedding Day!

I recently read an article from a bride who advised other brides to write down all the details of their wedding as soon as they can, because otherwise they'd soon forget the sweet little details. So that is what I'm doing! And anyone interested may indulge themselves in the details as well, because I decided to post this online so I can always find it! I'll be posting little segments of the day, and today I'm starting with everything that happened up to the ceremony.. and everything you see in blue font was written in and added by my husband, Matt's, of how the day went in his own words. I think it gives a fuller point of view, and I loved to hear him describe our wonderful day. :) So here we go!

The night before the wedding, I ended up cleaning the entire house, top to bottom. I also swapped out all my old, crappy, dishes, plates, and towels with all our new stuff we got at our bridal shower. Only the best for my future wife. =)
I set my alarm for 8:30am on the day of my wedding, but by 7:15am, I was wide awake. Too excited to sleep! 
I did not have to set an alarm. Praise the Lord I’m a guy. =) I had to get the car ready for the 8 hour trip. The first thing on my list was to get an oil change. I had a free oil change at Keller Kia in Novi. I arrived there but they mentioned I needed an appointment. I was frustrated that it didn’t say that on the coupon since most oil change places have you pull right up. They said they could have my oil changed in two hours but that would not work. I drove up the road to my normal oil change place on Grand River and they changed my oil. I brought my iPad and did my devotional at the oil change place. I deposited a couple checks in the bank and headed to buy a wedding present for my wife.
My hair appointment was for 10:00 and I got it done at Clover salon by my lovely hairstylist, Ashley. She did great! I basically told her "Make me look like Ariel from the little mermaid" (why does everything in my life end up being about Disney..?), and I would say she did fantastic! Plenty of volume and curl and lush-ness!

Debs came with me. She was in charge of making sure I had food in my tummy. And calming me down if and when necessary. :)
Back home, I packed up my car and my mother's car for the last bit of church decor, my dress, our flowers, etc, and we were off to the church! I drove my own car just to kind of relax myself, and Debbie came with. Definitely a good decision. She didn't freak out when I had bridezilla road rage, and she helped feed me Jimmy Johns while I drove. Who could ask for a better friend? :)
I wish I had someone to feed me food. =) Food was to come but first I had to buy a wedding gift for my wife. I was looking for a pair of black strapped shoes that my wife she had been drooling over one day at Marshalls. I went in but they had changed the display. I looked around for something else but couldn’t find anything. Big Lots was next door so I checked in there. There was nothing that really stuck out to me. Then, I came across the store that has always saved me…Toys R Us. =) I had an idea that I would get something that relates to a Disney princess because I finally found my Disness princess I was always looking for. I ended up finding a Disney priness chapstick set with carrying case. IT WAS PERFECT! I then swung by Subway to grab my last meal as a single man.
At the church, me & my bridemaids & my flower girl got ready in the bridal suite. Picture five girls trying to get make-up on in front of the same mirror. It was awesome. Luckily for me, Eddie (my photographer) also happens to be a (fantastic) make-up artist, so guess who got to dabble in his ultra-fancy high-end make-up kit while getting ready? THIS BRIDE!

As if Eddie's photography wasn't impressive enough, he also did Alyse & Calla's make-up, and took Debbie's cute hair and made it fabulous. Apparently he also went to culinary school? I am definitely on Team Eddie. :)
On my way to the church, I received a phone call from Lynette to make sure that we didn’t arrive at the same time. I mentioned I was on my way but I told her I would slow down. When I arrived, I saw a group of girls heading into the church so I quickly averted my eyes and waited a minute or two and then went into the chapel. Everything was looking great. The aisle runner wasn’t up yet so Tess, Quinn, and I headed up to the front to set it up. We then walked back to the kitchen and realized we didn’t have any grape juice for communion. So, the decision was made that we would use Capri Sun would be used. (Obviously very anointed.) I walked to the Pastoral Care office to get changed.
Getting ready was really so sweet. I loved having the most important ladies in my life around me, getting ready with me. Alyse's mom, Quinn, was my matron of ceremonies, and she compiled a little wedding emergency kit that she had at my disposal. The most important part of it was Reeses peanut butter cups. I indulged. :) No one wants a bride with low blood-sugar, right? Also, my friend Tess, who actually works at the church, was running around making sure that everything was coming together. That sweet girl came and placed a rose on my bag while I was getting ready. <3  Matt's mom and two of his aunts came to see me while I was getting ready, just to say hello and give me a hug. My old roomate from Texas, Ebeth, brought me a drink from Starbucks that said "the bride" on it. Just what I'd always wanted! I couldn't have asked to be surrounded with better and more helpful people on my big day!

Also, I will say that I was absolutely cool as a cucumber that day! I mean, still a little snappy at times because I wanted to make sure everything was happening on time and in order, but I wasn't nervous and I wasn't stressed beyond belief like I had been all week. I was excited. I was happy! I was thrilled to be hours away from becoming a Mrs. to my absolutely incredible Mr.. No cold feet here! Not even a cold baby toe. I was burnin' hot and ready to marry my dream man! ;)
After getting ready, we took some fun shots, just the bridesmaids and myself. I have tons of them posted on Facebook, but here is one of my little beauties:

Darling, aren't they?

That's better. :)
There are no fun shots for guys. We are not that creative. =) All my guys arrived and we all got ready. John was late as usual but not too late to be ready on time. =) We got the heads up from Quinn that she wanted me and the guys ready by 2:00 for our "first look". We started scrambling to make sure the ties were tied right and everything was tucked in. We headed down to the courtyard.  I went outside and thought I found a spot that would be perfect. I asked someone to get Eddie to come out so we could set up the shot. He said my idea won’t work, which irritated me a little bit, but he is the expert. He suggested a place close to the door where the groomsman were looking out the window. I was starting to get a little emotional even before I saw Lynette, so I demanded that Tess tell the whole wedding party to get away from the window and move them down the hallway. I asked three or four times to make sure that no one was by the window. The first look was a moment for me and my bride only.
At 1:45pm, Eddie and I went down to the church courtyard for the "first look" between Matt and I. Matt was in the courtyard, facing away from the door. I came out and slowly came up behind him and touched his arm. I will never forget the look on his face when he saw me for the first time, and how quicly his eyes filled with tears, and how he held me close to him and told me how beautiful I was. It was the sweetest moment I could've ever asked for. He said a personal vow to me. Those words will remain private between my husband and I :) But they were sweet, and filled with his desire and commitment to love me, to protect me, to complete God's will for our life together, and to cherish me forever. I returned his vow with... nothing!Haha,  I didn't have a thought or a series of words to say in my little head! Everything had just "dazzled" me, and I was speechless.  I think I choked out "I love you, too!" through the tears, but I think he understood what I meant from my heart. :)

At least she remembered my words this time. Ask her if she remembers the words I said when I proposed to her. ;) I was standing with my back to the door. Then Lynette passed me on my right side and I have never seen someone so perfect from head to toe. I was so overcome with emotion. I spoke directly from my heart and said… That’s between me and my bride. After we were done, we asked someone to get everyone else and we took some bridal party pictures and family.
After our first look, we had a short bridal shoot together, and then we took shots with our bridal party and our families The shots from these turned out beautifully. I am again so grateful to have had Eddie as our photographer.

At the end of this, Matt left to go talk with our Pastor and I left to sit with my girls in our bridal suite and indulge in more Reeses. :) We also took this time to apply Disney Princess tattoos to our thighs.

I'm definitely mature enough to be getting married. :)
My guys and I arrived back at the Pastoral Care office. We waited a little while and John and I went up to meet with my Pastor. He called me in first by myself and gave me some points for marriage. Then, John came in and we prayed over the ceremony and marriage. We headed back to get the rest of the groomsman and headed to the back of the church. I had to line up everyone and signaled that we were ready to start the service. I walked down with my mom and lit  a candle next to the altar in honor of my father. Then, I walked up the stairs and waited for my bride.

Then at a few minutes before 3:00, I was escorted by my sweet Tess to the front of the chapel, where I waited to walk down the aisle with my father, to my prince! More about that later. For now, I will conclude this entry by saying that everything that led up to the ceremony on the day of my wedding was beautiful, sweet and flawless. Big thanks to everyone who helped to make this day easy for me and more beautiful than I could've ever dreamed!


  1. I love love love this post! i seriously had tears in my eyes when i was reading it. It sounds like you had a perfect wedding! want to plan mine lol

    p.s. I love the shots you guys got before the actual ceremony of the two of you seeing each other for the first time. i would love to do that with Edward. makes it more...special in my opinion

    p.p.s I am so happy for you!

    1. Thank you!!! After much blood, sweat and tears (ha!) it was such a blessing to have my day come together exactly as I wanted it. Although, you'd have to threaten me with brute force to get me to do it again, ha! It's hard work but it's worth it. :)

      The first look was precious. Even if you get married at the court house, get yourself a pretty little outfit, get your hair done and plan a first look. Edward will never forget that moment he turned around and faced his bride for the first time on their wedding day. <3

  2. beautiful!
    - love your first look pics.
    - the temp tattoos are hilarious!
    - i want starbucks now.

    xo - heather

    1. Thanks! Disney princesses give me life. As does Starbucks. :)

  3. Wow, I read this post like I was watching a perfect wedding film which getting me drown into tears. Love it! I sure does feel the fiery love from both of you and happiness throughout your special day. This gives me a glimpse of what i want my my wedding day.

    Greeting from Malaysia.


  4. Hey Lynette, amazing blog i must say. the entire event was no less than a movie for me. the pictures provided with the posts helped to visualize my movie even better ha ha! but truly good work, keep it up. god bless ya! :)

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  6. Magical. Romantic. Perfect. I think words aren't enough to describe this special day of yours. You look simply stunning in that white gown and the bridesmaids look adorable in their purple dresses. Congratulations on your wedding, and I pray you have a happy and prosperous married life.

    Carroll @ celestinabridal.com

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