September 2014 Favorites! [Beauty, lifestyle, food & fitness]

One of my favorite type of posts to read (or video to watch) is someone's favorite products or things they've been loving lately. It's always been a fun way to find out about other things I might like, so maybe you guys will find a new favorite in the post below! This is a collection of a few things I really loved in the month of September. 

Jumping right in here!


The Nudes palette by Maybelline

I briefly reviewed and swatched this palette here and did a makeup tutorial with it. I purchased it to bring on my trip to Disney and have been addicted ever since. It's a great budget-friendly neutral eye shadow palette for anyone looking to try some nice everyday eye looks or something a little smokier. Can be purchased at most drug stores!

A Couple Nail Polish Favorites!

Most of the polishes I wear are some shade of blue, purple or red/pink, so these were an easy grab at my local TJ Maxx when I spotted them (and for two name-brand polishes at $2.99-$3.99 a piece? Take my money.) Both wore without chipping for at least several days (which is miraculous on my nails). Left is Sylvia by Julep, right is Chills & Thrills by Essie.



So yes.. this is what I typically look like during my runs (and how I feel!) but I ran 5 mornings a week for the whole month of September, and while I don't think I'm much of a better runner yet, I know it's helping me get there. And I feel AMAZING after a brisk 3-4 mile run in the chilly fall air. Seriously, it sets my mood right for the beginning of the day and wakes me up. With the help, also, of this product here:

Cellucor's Super HD

I'm really not usually one for a ton of supplements, but my coach recommended this to me and I am OBSESSED. It is supposed to help with fat burning, appetite control, etc, but what I really have noticed is that when I take it upon waking and before my run, it zaps me awake. And not in a shakey, overly-caffeinated kind of way, but in a I've-been-awake-for-hours-and-also-I'd-like-to-run-a-marathon-right-now kind of way.. if you can even imagine. ;) Can be purchased here for $49.99, but I know you can also get it at GNC, just wait for a coupon or a special to get it a little cheaper!


Disney World in Orlando, Florida!

If you follow me on Instagram, then I'm sure you're aware (or you live under a rock and missed the 30+ photos I posted from this trip!) that I went to Disney World with my husband for our two year anniversary. It was a surprise trip from Matt to me, and we were both SO excited to go because neither of us had been and are huge Disney geeks. Needless to say, I love Disney (especially the Magic Kingom!) more than ever and literally have been dreaming of (and planning on!) going back ever since!

Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer

If you're anything like [the old] me, then you might be a negative thinker, a cynic, a critic, or maybe you have just learned not to expect the best. I am naturally all of those things, unfortunately. It's not natural or easy for me to stay happy, joyful, expectant, and positive on a daily basis. I've read this book at least once before and will always partially accredit it to my major mindset change over the last few years, helping me get in control of my thoughts and emotion and use them to progress me forward, not keep me down in the dumps. If you're looking for guidance in getting out of that negative, life-sucks kind of attitude, I can't recommend this book enough! Read through it again in September and I am more inspired than ever, and will probably reread it every couple years for the rest of my life. Can be purchased here.

My Local Farmer's Market (Farmington, MI)

I've never been to a farmer's market as far as I know, and I knew there was a really nice one nearby. Since I have most Saturday's off by myself now, I decided recently to venture down to the one near me and I was most pleasantly surprised. I got many of my fruits & veggies from there, and a lovely bouquet of flowers for my living room. It was just the ultimate fall experience, talking to local farmers and walking around the chilly morning weather with my cup of local coffee and just enjoying the day. I plan on going back every Saturday until they close in November!


Dunkin' Donuts Maple Brown Sugar Ground Coffee

Man oh man I love fall. I just can't help it. And I love it extra this year. This coffee may help. After my chilly morning run, I always came back home to eat and enjoy 2 (or 3.. or 4) cups of this amazing coffee. DD is probably my favorite bagged coffee of all the bagged coffees I've tried, but this stuff is amazing. I've seen it at Target, grab a bag if you like maple-y flavors!

Justin's Natural Nut Butters

I've always been a fiend for peanut butter, but I cannot stop at a serving size when I have a whole jar available to me, especially if it's a yummy flavor like one of these. So I pretty much strictly only buy nut butters in single-serving size packets, even though they're a lot more expensive. I loooooove Justin's nut butters. They're all natural and pretty low in sugar for being so freakin' delicious. I keep these in my purse as a quick snack to keep me satiated until my next meal, or sometimes I'll spread some on top of a caramel flavored rice cake. Sooo good!

Let me know if any of you have tried any products mentioned, share any of the same favorites or have a similar product you think I might like!


  1. MMM that coffee looks delish and I'd love to try that Maybelline palette!


  2. I love these types of posts too! AND YAY FOR RUNNING! It is always my favorite, mostly because it is easy for me to just go outside, start and do it (and it is a good way to burn off some of those extra calories I've been consuming lately) I also like to be able to ponder life during my runs haha :)

    And to respond to you here (I have no idea if people get updates that I respond to them on my blog), we are just moving 5 miles away from where we are now :( Just wanted to live in a better apartment and have two beds/baths again! (Yay for an office room)! I wish I could say I was living closer to you!

  3. Oh my god, those Justin butters are amazing x

  4. Way to go on running for a month straight! I love your favorites for the month!

  5. I'm loving your Disney World pictures! It's my favorite place on earth :) I'm kind of obsessed! I'd also love to try that palette, I've been looking for a new one with some pretty neutral colors.


  6. A) You are too cute. B) I want to go to your farmer's market. C) Need to try that Maybelline palette!
    I also love posts like this, so it's nice to hear that someone else does too :) I just think it's so helpful to finding new makeup and clothes!


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