It's crazy for me to think how when I started this blog two years ago, I owned literally two pairs of workout pants, one sports bra (yes, one), one pair of gym shoes and I wore old t-shirts to the gym. Activewear felt like a waste of money to me because the gym was just a place I went to 3-4 times a week to get on the elliptical until I no longer felt guilty about that day's indulgences, and then I went home. 

Nowadays, as a person who works out 6 days a week (often twice a day!) and works as a personal trainer, I feel like all I'm ever in is gym clothes.. so they better be cute! My #1 favorite place for cute workout gear has been TJ Maxx for a long time, because they had such a large variety and prices for tops, bottoms and sports bra's ranged from $10-$25 usually. But I now have another activewear provider that is challenging TJ Maxx's first place position in my heart.. and that is Fabletics.

Fabletics is a monthly subscription service that provides customers with several different activewear outfits to choose from every month (and by several I mean like 15-20+), and for anywhere between $50-80, you get to choose an outfit consisting of 2-3 pieces and it gets shipped to you. What I like also is that should a month come where you don't like any of the outfits, you can skip that month (as long as you designate in your account by the 5th of the month that you want to skip!). I've ordered two outfits from Fabletics in the last few months and I was very happy with both. High quality, cute, and fun colors!

This outfit in particular can be found here, and the scarf here.


  1. Omg obsessed!!! I need these clothes in my life!

  2. I Love Love LOVE Fabletics....Im patiently waiting on my shipment to get here for the month!!! Fingers crossed it gets here T O D A Y.

    By the way, the pants look GREAT on you lady! Keep up that hard work in the gym :)

  3. I LOVE Fabletics, and Ellie too :) Both have super cute, high-quality items. I think because Fabletics is associated with JustFab, and that whole business, their prices are a bit cheaper than Ellie. I was a VIP member of both but had to choose one over the other, so I chose Fabletics because most outfits are cheaper and some have 3 pieces vs. just 2 and it is easy to skip a month if I need to!

    Love this outfit!

  4. I have not tried Fabletics, but my office is right next to corp. I should try it, but I love the crop fuchsia pants, so stylish!

    XO Chelsea www.shesaidhesaidfashion.com

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