Pardon my gigantic absence....

Hello there!

I've been trying to figure out how to properly come back from a nearly-four-month blogging break, but I'm not sure there's a formal way of saying "Hey, sorry I let all of you Internet friends thing I may have died or gone missing or gotten myself stuck in an underground cave, but here I am!". I would like to say thank you to all of you pretty people who e-mailed or tweeted me in my absence. It was so nice to be thought of!

I wish I had a really fantastic reason for being gone all summer (like being trapped in an underground cave) but the truth is, life happened. Life and other goals and work, etc. But outfits did happen as well. A few of them anyway. Here is photographic evidence of such:

What else has happened since I got sucked into a black hole?

I moved on up in the real estate world.

I got into the best shape of my life:

I turned a year older (22 on August 16th!) and celebrated one year of marriage with this hunk o' hunk o' burnin' love.

And last but not least, my husband and I acquired our first little love child:

Yes, a cat, not an actual child. Because this girl is still on Team No Kids. For now.

But I have missed blogging so very much, and I feel like I've lost touch with the fashion world due to my lack of blogging. What do I wear with navy? Are denim capris okay, sometimes? What about mom jeans? No? Even if they're belted? Okay. See? Clueless. 

And to be serious, blogging was such an outlet for me. Obviously. Why do any of us do it? It's fun. It's an outlet. It's a million great things, and I've missed having it in my life. And tonight, like many other nights, I leaned over to my husband and said "We should start taking photos of my outfits again so I can start blogging again." And usually he just nods and agrees, but tonight my husband said, "Okay. Tomorrow." And being the type of person that cannot commit to anything (seriously, how did I even end up married?), I decided to promise all my Internet friends (or what's left of them after my four month hiatus) that I would be back within the next few days. Just give me a chance to put on something cute, okay? You don't wanna see what I'm wearing now. I'll give you a hint: it starts with "Yoga pants" and ends with "covered in cat hair". ;)


  1. Welcome back :) happy late birthday and anniversary too!

  2. i'm so happy you're back, i could cry. seriously. you know you're my best and i've missed having you in my life. your outfits inspire me, of course, but you inspire me even more. you're such a remarkable person, career-woman, wife, friend, cat-mama and so much more. even just in this post, you made me laugh out loud to the point where dago was asking what was going on and i just read it to him. ya funny, ya dress cute, ya inspire, so ya blog! welcome back.

    ps. i NEED the outfit deets for that little fall look with the yellow scarf and printed shoes. cah-ute.

    xoxoxoxooxoxo nicole

  3. Yay, you're still alive! Was seriously worried about you, but you look amazing and your kitty is too cute for words! Agree with Nicole about the yellow scarf outfit - adorbs!


  4. I've missed your face. Did I not know you were so young? Holy moly! Happy belated birthday, anyway, and happy belated anniversary. Also, congrats on being productive and having stuff going on!

  5. Welcome back. It's great to see you posting again! Love all of the catching up outfits...hopefully you'll fill us in on the details on those. And before you even mentioned you had been working out I noticed your arms were looking very defined. Nice work!

    On the Daily Express

  6. AHHHHH YOU ARE BACK! I have seriously missed ya, Lynette :) You have inspired me in so many ways, even in your absence (is that weird? yeah, thats weird). I see all the crazy awesome fitness goals you are reaching via Instagram and I am inspired to get my butt in shape, too! I would seriously appreciate some weight-liftng tips for ladies scattered through out outfit posts, since thats what I am trying to work on and it has obviously worked for you ;)

    eek! love that little kitten, too.

    Jenna Brianne
    Freckled Fashionista

  7. I had just started to follow you and then you disappeared :D Glad to see you back, and the kitty is adorbs.

  8. Welcome back! Congrats on everything, like birthday, anniversary, new cat, being ripped, etc.

  9. Welcome back! Glad life has been treating you well during your hiatus. :)

  10. Great to have you back, you buff broad, you! (Buff in a good way, not an I-take-steroids-and-have-pecs-not-boobs way) You come back, and things get weird.

    now teach me how to abs.

  12. It sounds like your blogging break was amazing!! I'm also so glad you're back to blogging though :)
    I had no idea we were the same age, but that's exciting! Congrats on your one-year wedding anniversary and getting in such fantastic shape-you look amazing girl!


  13. I. AM. SO. HAPPY. YOU'RE. BACK. I missed your face SO MUCH. It sounds like you had a wonderful summer off of blogging...congrats on your promotion, your fur-baby, and holy CRAP that bod... :)

  14. If I could cheer for you in the comments section I totally would... but alas I cannot! BUT YAY LYNETTE, you are back, I missed you and was very sad. And look at YOU! Amazing outfits, amazing bod and the cutest kitty! :) How exciting! I can't wait for more posts! Also, I seriously want to have your bod... amazing inspiration (especially those arms and abs)!

  15. that break definitely did your body and life some good. check you out!!
    can't wait for more posts. missed you.

  16. Love that you are blogging again, even though I am a quite new reader! :) I want to blog more so badly, and I'm kinda bad at it lately because of my busy schedule balancing work, home and gym(and now I'm definitely more motivated seeing your pics)... Maybe I'll get better with time.
    Have a wonderful Tuesday!
    Kat / fourteen5.blogspot.com

  17. Umm you look great! How did you do it? and er I mean I missed you too...lol!

  18. THOSE ABS!! I'm so jealous!! Way to work it, congrats on everything... including that adorable lil kittttyyy!!! meow meow :) I have always loved reading through your blog and about your outfits, so glad you're back to share :)